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  • Yes, an additional problem is that half of the paints have cracks in them, although fixed somewhat by adding water.

    that’s really strange, none of mine were cracked!

    The cracks could be a result of the humidity or temperature.  I’d definitely say something about it when you contact Schmincke, though.

    Ya, I never thought of that Sandra. When our house gets really dry, it’s hot and no water in the air, your lips crack, skin wrinkles up, fingers need to be licked to pick up a piece of paper. Then my paint cracks if I don’t use it for a week or so and leave them open. That may be why hers was cracked, in a building that is dry and hotter than it should have been.

    It could even be how the paints were kept during the delivery.  I would imagine once they dry out, they don’t get the moisture back.  It might be something to look into and see if there is some thing that can be done when paints are like that – adding a touch of glycerin or something.

    my replacement tin palette arrived

    Yay! Is it the tin with photo of the paints on it?

    nope, you’re the only lucky one.  :o(

    I’ve only had two types of paints crack:

    one was a Holbein no longer made from an antique formula;

    The other is certain types of Primateks, and some ochres… not little cracks but a crack.

    In both instances rewetting worked, though the Holbein cracked so bad as to leave bits in other colors…. NOT good.

    BTW, my replacement tin arrived also!

    Report on Dealing with Schminke:  After not hearing back from Birgit Wolter for 2 weeks, I forwarded my original email to her. She replied that they had no record of my first email! I had complained about defective tin and cracked paints. She requested that I send photos, which I did. She then said the paints were of the finest quality, but she would replace one of the 3 cracked paints “as a gesture of goodwill.” It bothered me that the said she would “likely replace” the tin. I’ll let you know what, if anything, arrives in the mail.

    It doesn’t sound as though Schmincke has replaced things in the manner they said they would.  I wonder if the problem was more wide-spread than they thought.


    I had lots of my paints crack in the pan, but only tube paints that I squeezed.  I’ve never bought cake paints that cracked.

    You might also contact Chartpak, who distributes Schmincke in the U.S.

    Sharon, Birgit Wolter was a pain, and a bit rude, to me also.  I went three rounds with her… and she finally replaced the pan, which is what I wanted.  I don’t know if it is bad customer service or a language thang.

    I published my thorough review of Schminke… I’ve never wanted to say a lot of bad things about a company and held back a bit…

    One thing, and this is my personal preference, is that I didn’t like the colors.  I owned that, though I have to say that perhaps they are not the brightest bulbs on the block because people buy palettes that are wanting to sample a company’s paints, and these are mixing colors of a specific type… not even a good secondary or opaque set for the most part.  So there is that, which is why I may swap or buy a couple more Schminke full pans to see how I feel about other colors.

    Still, overall, I found the pigment colors to be dull.  And you guys have heard my rants here so not going to go there again as you can read more on the post.  I have a nice couple of palettes — on banged up the other new, and a few colors I will keep to play with…

    Kate, I don’t like the Schmincke colors either. Very dull and disappointing. I’m glad I received these as a gift and could try them out, but I won’t be buying any.

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 230 total)
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