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  • Update On Dealing With Schmincke: Today I received a package from Schmincke containing the following: 1 pan paint in yellow-orange (only 1 of the 3 that I reported cracked), a 12-half-pan rectangular palette (original defective one was 18-pan square), and an unexpected travel brush. Don’t know why Birgit sent a smaller palette, but I’m probably not going to pursue this further. The original defective set had 12 colors, so at least they fit in the new palette. No note of apology, which I believe was in order.

    that’s kinda rude since wet paint’s customers got an exact replacement tin. Sandra was much better treated, they spoiled her in comparison. weird and disappointing. glad i had to deal with wet paint,I love them!!!

    I suspect they ran out of replacement tins, or had problems with them.  I definitely lucked out.  It’s a bad situation all around – lots of people unhappy with their purchase equals customers who won’t buy Schmincke again.

    Well, I got the free travel brush, and I actually like the smaller palette. I received my original palette as a gift, and giver bought it from an art supply distributor on amazon (interestingly, these custom palettes were available at a few places besides Wet Paint). As far as the defective palette goes, I removed the ring so it now lies flat. I’ll find some use for it.

    Yes Sharon, Brigit was a pain; I ended up getting snotty with her before she would send anything.  I always give someone speaking a second language the benefit of the doubt but she just kept being a pain….  Wet Paint was excellent.

Viewing 5 posts - 226 through 230 (of 230 total)
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