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  • Wish there was someone to tell where we are on the list.

    hi Sandra, I can’t guarantee it but when I talked to Kate when everyone started ordering, I think Doodlewashers (assuming you ordered when you first saw the link to pre-order) are among the top of orderers. The pre-order link I had was exclusive for several days and I put it up on my blog and rushed over here to announce it. I wanted doodlewashers to get in on it so if you pre-ordered in the first few days then you should be close to the top (other than people walking in to wet paint, lol)

    Cool!  I did exactly that.  I’ll start watching my mailbox very closely!


    I wanna be a fly on the wall when everyone recieves the new paint!!

    My Schmincke order has been listed as “processing” for more than a week, so I reached out to WP. Below is a portion of Kate Katzer’s (WP Customer Service Manager) response so they are working hard on getting them out to us, but it may be a bit longer.

    I also ordered the Schmincke dot cards and that may hold mine up even more because they didn’t receive their full shipment of those and are already sold out, so your fulfillment may be faster than mine. FYI… I ordered around mid-september and it’s my understanding that they are processing them in exact order number which actually makes me really happy. 🙂 They’re working our way to us asap!

    Thanks for checking in! We are working our way through getting the set orders shipped, but there was such amazing response to the prebuy that it will be a bit before we get everyone’s out.

    Thanks for the update 🙂  I ordered up for free shipping but don’t think anything is sold out.  I hope it’s on the way soon.

    Thanks Tonya, that’s helpful to hear. I’ll have to ask Kate the next time we talk, how many they’ve sold of the total.

    you’ll have to post pics when it does. So nice to hear everyone is so excited.

    I do not need more paint.


    ::sits all zen in the Cone of Enough::

    ::orders anyway::

    Hahahahahaha! Oh I know the feeling!


    a friend of mine, Alice, just sent me a photo of her new schmincke palette so they ARE going out, lol. Hold on people, they’re coming.

    According to the USPS tracking, mine has been delivered.  But about a month ago some yahoo tore the door off of the cluster mailbox for our neighborhood and I have to drive to the Post Office to pick things up.  They hadn’t sorted everything out yet, so I’m hoping mine will be ready tomorrow.  I can’t wait. AUUGHHH!

    I was just looking at Wet Paint, trying to find the pigment index numbers for this set and they have sold out until November.

    Ooh, TORTURE!! You should sue for such torture. DOn’t they know you NEED your art supplies?? Can’t wait to see the colors in action. I’m so envious, I wanna participate!

    holy COW, already????!!? WOW. I expected it to be quick but wow. They try to do them in two or three shipments so they’re not inundated with a backroom full of palettes, I guess the first round went FAST.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 230 total)
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