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  • I’ve learned watercolor mostly from books and DVDs.

    So,I have an idea that I can share here my notes of watercolor and quotations

    from various books and resources.

    Please feel free to make comments and also you can share your favorite notes and quotations here !!!

    “I am happy to paint anywhere but always look for the gentler moments in life.I guess I am a hopeless romantic,which is somewhat old fashioned nowadays,but it’s who I am”

    (extracts from “Mastering Atmosphere and Mood In Watercolor” by Joseph Zbukvic)


    Good idea for a topic.


    Thanks, Nay, for a beautiful quote from one of my favorite artists.

    Thanks Sharon!Let me know your favorite quotes 🙂

    I’ve always liked watching Bob Ross.  Although, I didn’t actually like his paintings, I liked watching him paint. Whenever, I make a mistake, I repeat his saying to myself, ‘Let’s make them birds, yeah, they’re birds now.’  And then I figure out a way to make the mistake work.

    An excellent quote from an excellent author.  I’ve got that book around somewhere.  I should pull it out and read through it again.

    Excellent idea. Thank you.

    I like that attitude Sandra. Going with the flow of the medium.  I loved watching Bob Ross paint, too.

    “Let’s make them birds” is a cool method Sandra!When I started watercolor,I always met mistakes and finally disappointed.It was very hard to find someone who can encourage to overcome our mistakes.

    He was a very interesting man, and I think he introduced a lot of people to painting.  Still is, though he’s gone.  His ideas and philosophies have continued to inspire.

    I think that is one of the hardest lessons to learn and one of the most important.


    “To see with an artist’s eye,it is necessary to look for the unifying shapes instead of cataloging individual items.This cannot be stressed too much:we must look beyond objects.The arrangement of shapes tells us how to organize and paint a subject.”

    Leslie Frontz  from ” The watercolor course you’ve always wanted ”



    The quote that has resonated with me the most and has stuck with me is one that I read somewhere when I first started painting: “Watercolour is all about chasing the light.” I don’t remember where I read it or who said it (although it may possibly have been in a watercolour magazine, interview with an artist?) but it gave me goosebumps when I read it!

    Now when I paint, I automatically think of it as chasing the light – and I’ve been told that it shows in my work (which I took as a huge compliment from the people who said it, as they are both successful professional artists) 😀 That quote has completely shaped the way I paint, which paint I choose to use and the way I see my subjects – such a simple statement but it tells me so much about watercolour and how to use it  🙂

    “Great art picks up where nature ends.” Chagall

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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