Peerless Watercolors

  • Does anyone else use Peerless? I use them for painting on-the-go by gluing small portions of the colors to 2X2inch/5X5cm cards and clipping them on a ring.

    I’ve not used them yet, but I rather love the idea and portability of them! There are three guests artists on Doodlewash that use them, but I don’t think any have joined our club yet! 😉

    I do much the same! I’ve got them in a midori traveler’s notebook, small squares stuck down to a file folder cut to size. (I make inserts with watercolor paper so I’m never without something to paint on or something to paint with when I’m out and about.)

    Love them. I’m still a Daniel Smith girl in the studio, but on the go, Peerless all the way. 😀

    I think Peerless is a great idea for portability, but I don’t use them for two reasons. First, they are a dye, not really a watercolor, so they stain and don’t lift like most watercolors, and they don’t move the same on the page because no gum arabic. The other thing is that the swatch does not re-wet – anywhere you have picked up color before is no longer “alive” so the swatches have to be replaced often. That being said, the brilliance of the color is great and a little goes a long way.

    Be sure it doesn’t rain on your journal or sketchbook that has a sheet of Peerless swatches in it! Been there and it wasn’t pretty.

    I hadn’t thought about them as being dye, but yes, that’s definitely true. I generally use them in my sketch journal, when I’m not wanting to mix colors from my travel palettes. Shortcuts! They don’t work well for large washes, because as you point out they have very little pigment on the card. I can imagine what a colorful mess rain on the sheet would make! I keep them on a book ring in a plastic bag, one color family to a ring.

    These look interesting, I had a look on a website at them. Not sure if they’re for me but then up until now I haven’t done much in the way of sketching away from home. I’m wondering if dotting wc paint on wc paper letting it dry would be any good in the field. I’m going to try it. After all Daniel Smith sell dot cards to try their colours out, or whatever folk do with it.
    Let you know how I get on

    They are very fun – very vivid color – and I love the novelty of the format. To me the saturation is beautiful – and sort of similar to the saturated color you get from the Radiant or Hydrus products. There’s a new similar product on Indiegogo right now – Viviva color sheets – so I’ll give them a go too 🙂

    I do use the Peerless film on occasion, when I really want to travel light, but I suspect they aren’t very lightfast.  Has anyone done tests on them?

    I went with Viviva colorsheets to give this style of watercolor a try –

    I will only use them in a book / journal as I’m sure they are not lightfast.   I love having this little set tucked in my Travelers Notebook.  Add a waterbrush and you are set for fun!


    Picture from indiegogo –

    Viviva Colorsheets

    Viviva looks like a really good alternative – they look much more convenient than the Peerless because they are already set up in a booklet with a divider.  With Peerless, you get a bunch of little cardboard films that you cut up and paste onto something.  It’s a little time consuming, but you can set them up as you like.  I assume that any of these are really just for sketchbooks and art journals, as many have pointed out that they probably aren’t lightfast.

    Yes, I use Peerless Watercolors, I have two packets, one regular and one bonus pack. I love them, the color is really vibrant, but not so easy to move around once it is on the paper.

    The bonus pack is just one little square card of a about thirty? colors. Easier to organize or carry. I ended up carefully writing the names of the colors in order as listed on the back of each card because there is no way to identify once you shuffle them out of package order.

    I find it works better to use my Aqua Brushes for working with the Peerless. Mine are Derwent Aqua Brushes, a set of three, they can both lift the paint with a squeeze and spread it quicker, with another squeeze.

    I agree that the portability of Peerless is a plus.  After I affixed my swatches to 8-1/2×11 cardstock, I also did a color swatch under each square as I didn’t want to keep guessing what the colors actually looked like when wet.  The sheets are kept in a pocket binder thingy.  I’ve always loved the vibrancy of Peerless too.  I’ve painted a few good sized paintings, but once a swatch is depleted of color, you have to work around it not being there.

    I actually have some Viviva colorsheets on the way and I can’t wait to try them out. I’d only use them for travel/play, but I love the idea and the portability will be awesome!

    I have used peerless for quite a while. Even a home. I like that they are so easy to use and when I do travel – they fit right in. I tend to use the teals and blues and pinks. Mostly I make backgrounds that I create tangle art  on. I will try to attach a sample.  A 10” tile completed with peerless and black ink.

    Wow! That’s gorgeous work, Alice.

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