Perelyne Green

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  • This color has been mentioned in various threads, but I’m hoping to get some of the info in one place. Recently there’s been a discussion of DV versus Schminke brands. What about DS? That’s the one I’ve been thinking of buying. I have the Schminke and find it dark and dull. All opinions and swatches welcome.

    Perylene Green (D.S.)

    I just got this colour yesterday, so tried swatching it. See above. The pigment moved energetically on the wet portion. I’m new to swatching, so maybe this is normal? I like the colour, will paint with it this weekend I hope.

    Thanks, Julia. Some pigments move more than others. I don’t know what is typical for this one. I like the color as displayed on my screen.

    Yes! Perylene Green is a very energetic mover, which is why I love it for painting distance treelines. It bleeds beautifully into the sky to depict a hazy distance, but not enough to do any damage. You may can tell more how it moves in a recent WIP here:

    Hope this helps! Also, I’ll attach my Schmincke vs Da Vinci perylene green swatches here so you can see those also. DS Perylene Green is no longer on their website in the 15ml size. This makes me think that they are discontinuing it along with Da Vinci. So you may want to consider that if you fall in love with their Perylene Green.

    Thanks, Tonya!

    Tonya, Your WIP is beautiful so far. I look forward to the finished painting!

    Thanks, sweet ladies! Unfortunately, I won’t finish the landscape, or at least that one. I was testing Schmincke paints for an upcoming review and there were too many issues with it. However, the reference photo is one that I love so I do want to attempt that scene again in the future. If you end up trying Perylene Green, let me know how you like it! I just ordered DV Perylene Maroon to try because I’m so smitten with the green version.

    Tonya, please let me know how the Perylene Maroon is. I had the Mission Gold version and  M Graham Maroon Perylene but I’m out of both.  I was debating about going with the DV version as a replacement since I like so many of their other colors.  I do like some granulation in mine though.

    Just noticed that I misspelled the color that is the subject of this topic! Should be “Perylene”

    Sharon, welcome to the club! I can’t correctly spell or pronounce half the names of art supply brands, pigments, etc. (There’s a reason everyone shortens Phthalo & Quin – ha!) And many of the artists I follow don’t do any better. I think Perelyne works fine. 🙂 Pyrrol is another tricky one. I misspelled it for about a year until I realized that it wasn’t spelled the way I was writing it.

    Sandra, I’ll attach a picture of the DV Perylene maroon alongside of some other maroons or deep reds. (PM is top right.) I’ve only swatched it in masstone, but so far, I see no granulation. This is my first experience with PM, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. In masstone, I’m unimpressed. It appears very flat and dull, and I can easily mix this color (or close enough) with Pyrrol Red and Raw Umber.

    If you like some granulation in a similar color, I think DV’s Indian Red is divine! It’s a little deeper and more opaque than Perylene, but it dilutes beautifully. (It’s fairly well diluted in my swatch – bottom left.) The DV Violet Iron Oxide (bottom center) is gorgeous also. DV’s Carmine (PV19) actually shocked me in a good way… I wouldn’t say it has granulation but a lot of depth to it, which is rather rare for PV19.

    I have all of the colors that you see, and with the exception of Pyrrol & Quin Rose, I probably won’t keep any of these tubes. I was going to put them on eBay eventually, but if you decide that you want any of them, PM me and I may can cut you a deal. 🙂

    Sandra, one more example of DV perylene maroon & then I must stop hijacking this Perylene Green thread… this is it compared to DS Perylene maroon (top). You can see that DS version is much richer and warmer than the DV version. I prefer the color of the DS but you may like the DV.

    Sharon, some of the color names are spelled differently according to the manufacturer too.  At least, that’s my story if someone catches me in a mis-spelling, lol.

    Tonya,  thank you for the charts.  I’ll look and see if I ever swatched either of the two I had.  I am interested in a couple of those colors.  I’ll PM you toot suite!


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