Portable Painter Kit

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  • Have any other Doodlewashers gotten one of these? Mine showed up today, and it’s the best! I had read about the kit and it’s designer. He really solved a lot of problems for the plein aire painter and urban sketcher with this kit.

    It’s the length of a cell phone, and not much thicker. So solid and well made, you will never need to worry about hinges failing or edges not aligning. Even the double ended travel brush that’s included is good! (you know that’s where they usually scrimp on quality) I gave it a quick test run, and it’s fantastic for sketching and detail.

    The water cups (or pen and brush holder) attach to the sides very securely, and form legs (and have indentations so your brush won’t roll away!) The brochure shows him using the cups to set the whole kit across his thigh, but it was too wide for me to use it that way (about 14 centimeters or 5.5 inches).

    I think it beats any other travel kit out there, (certainly any one I have bought) and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up enough to use this outdoors.

    When it’s opened up, it looks like some whimsical architectural structure, and that’s just an added bonus.

    I’ve seen these, and it’s on my drool list!  It looks absolutely awesome!

    I’ve read and watched video reviews on theses and not one bad word have I heard, they are functional and well liked…great concept..

    I’ve not, but was curious!

    I actually like the palette itself more than the attached water cups. Many reviews on Youtube, all positive. Expensive, though.

    I have one and the concept is great. I have to admit I don’t use it much, though… mainly because I’ve come to realize I actually prefer metal palettes over plastic (and ideally, ceramic over metal).

    Love the double-ended brush and the double water holder is handy! I always paint at a table, either at work or studio, so I don’t really need it for ‘over the leg’ which I’m sure a lot of urban sketchers/plein air painters would appreciate.

    One thing I don’t like is the metal piece that keeps the pieces together for storage, because I know eventually I’m going to lose it… which would pretty much ruin the set.

    Beverly, that’s the reason I wasn’t really interested in this palette either, plastic, I don’t put my palette over my leg and I’d so lose that metal thing-a-ma-bob. Hehehe.

    I love using a metal palette but don’t use the mixing lid, it’s totally bothers me that my staining colors won’t come off. Since I work in studio much of the time, I use a porcelain mixing tray so I can just wash it off. It keeps my metal palette clean. Yep, very OCD of me but then I also seem to love stinging colors and my palette instantly looks horrible and the white is supposed to make mixing easier but if it isn’t white anymore then I’m bothered twice, once because it’s dirty, and again because it’s less useful.

    I’m the same way, Jennifer. I can’t stand it when the white mixing trays stain. I’m one of those persnickety types who keeps their palette as clean as possible after every use and scrubs the tray with a magic eraser to get stains out; it works but it’s a hassle. Now, if I take my metal travel palette with me, I also carry around a little handmade porcelain mixing palette. Gotta have my porcelain!

    I just recently purchased a tiny ceramic palette with a matching ceramic cover (which serves as a mixing surface). I’m in love. I’m sure it’s probably going to get smashed at some point in my travels and I’ll have to get a new one, but for now it’s a thing of my dreams!

    Beverly, it’s so funny the persnickety likes and dislikes we get.  I keep looking at that tiny palette because like you and Jennifer, I dislike the stains.  However, I can’t stand the sound porcelain makes against porcelain, and against many other surfaces, and I dislike the feel of it in areas where it hasn’t been varnished.  Totally illogical of me, but there it is.

    If I’m not using mixes that are too juicy, then I like plexiglass the best.  I just tape white paper underneath.

    OH, yassssss!  I adore my Portable Painter.  My everyday set-up includes my PP with the left side used as a pen cup, the right side with water, and a sponge with a sock and t-shirt rag underneath. My everyday sketching set-up March 2018

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