• I am curious as to how many paintings should be posted every day,  I see that some times there two or three  which I can cope with quite easily. but looking today at the gallery I see that one member has post quite a few which means that to find others artists paintings you have to troll through a lot.   surely there should be some sort of fairness to other  artists  when their paintings have gone in a flash without being seen

    I would like to know what others members of Doodlewash think,  as I haven’t found any rules regarding postings        Tao

    The subject has been brought up before.  The problem is that many people, especially newcomers, don’t realize that everything they post goes in the site-wide feed.  Others only have time to visit once in a while. Both are just trying to get all their work into their personal gallery.

    Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have any way to limit how many paintings someone posts, which would be the best way to handle it, I think.  It can be annoying but unless someone is doing it constantly, I prefer to just let it pass.

    I haven’t made a daily limit as unlike other purely social sites, you get an artist profile on Doodlewash and people often like to add several paintings when they first sign up to create their artist portfolio of work here. I allowed batch posting, which helps the Site News Feed not get too cluttered, but yeah… it still all goes to the gallery as individual images at this point. I don’t have a way with this plugin to only send 1 or 2 out of a batch to the gallery, which would probably be ideal! I know this and limits is a requested feature by other sites who use it so hopefully the developers will listen! 😉

    hehe! Yep! We posted simultaneously it would seem. It’s actually the plugin’s limitations, but it’s still the best one I’ve found. One day in my dream scenario we’ll be able to afford some custom development!

    Most of the people are very good about limiting the number of posts they do.  Over all we’re a very polite group, lol!

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