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    Wondering whether members scan their work and then post scanned image, or take photo (maybe with phone) and post that. So far I’ve just scanned and posted, but that method is slow. Are photos effective?

    I’ve done it both ways and haven’t noticed any difference.  I think your camera and the lighting will have a lot to do with how well the photo does.


    I’m thinking of just using my iPhone 7 – it’s got a pretty good camera. I just need to work out the lighting.

    Shoot during the day near a window and you can adjust the light/colors using an app like Snapseed for example. Works nicely.

    I shoot all mine with my iphone … one light and a white foamcore board as a reflector.  I know Charlie always scans his in.  Whatever gives you the best/acceptable result!

    I’ve scanned most of my works.Though it may change a bit of color,temperature and contrast,I personally more prefer this method.But sometimes,ran out of time,no choice,take a shot by phone.


    Thanks to all who have responded.

    I use my phone with an Ott light.

    I don’t have a scanner so an iPad camera is what I use.  I find the best results are in daylight but not sunlight.

    Because I post on Instagram too so I always take a couple pics with my phone, using daylight or a daylight lamp I like.  I do scan some images tho… for other things.  I am surprised at how well the iPhone works but it does leave grey edges often around the edges.  In a black and white image you can almost completely correct this, but not in a watercolor image, and I am showing you what I mean because it is so easy to see in the BW image before I corrected it.

    With exposure modifications I can nearly correct the image above, but not the image below without ruining the colors.  I scanned this one eventually because I had another purpose in mind.

    I have the worst time with lighting. I need to get some kind of white box.  I had one but it got stained inside somehow and I never could figure out how that happened. I think maybe it’s a curse, lol.

    2-3 larger-than-A4 sheets of white paper or watercolor blocks will also do…

    I’ve done it both ways, too. I usually use the camera if my work is still wet because I’m too impatient to wait….lol. I use Picasa (I don’t think it’s available any more) to adjust the lighting and crop my scans and my photos.

    How do you get them to stand up?

    I’ve done them both ways but find it is simpler to just scan them and have been doing that lately.

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