Problem with Qor Mini sets

  • I happened to see an announcement from Golden about the new Qor mini sets, and thought I’d post it in case anyone here has bought a set and been impacted.

    They said: ”Oops! It has come to our attention that a limited number of the QoR minis we have manufactured to date may have two Burnt Umber half pans, rather than a single Burnt Umber and a single Transparent Brown Oxide. If you purchased one of the affected QoR minis, please give us a call at 800-959-6543, message us here on Facebook, or send an e-mail to We’ll make sure to get you the proper color as soon as possible!”

    I’m really impressed that Golden has been so proactive about the problem, letting people know immediately what they can do to resolve the problem.  Defnitely a company that stands behind their product!

    I didn’t buy this set, but Golden is an absolutely phenomenal company. Every time I’ve contacted them, I’ve received a prompt, caring AND educated response. I just started playing with their Open acrylics… awesome stuff!

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