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  • I am receiving a “reply cannot be sent” in trying to respond to a message from Kate Powell. Anyone else having problems using the messaging system?

    I had that problem, too. Can’t remember if it was for a comment on Kate’s work or not, but I did get the same message.

    whoa!  really?

    @kate-powell Kate, please check your email on your website. I sent you a reply there.

    did you get that fixed?

    I don’t know if Kate changed her settings to receive messages from all, but I was able to connect as a friend.

    I have a recurrent problem where when I try to post a comment on someone’s art, I get something like “please write your comment in the space provided”, but I have typed in the right space! Bottom line is I am prevented from posting a comment I want to post. This happens 10 -20 % of the time. Not specific to any member. No pattern. Anyone else have this?


    Sharon, that happens to me occasionally. Generally I find I’m not logged in for some reason.


    Hi, not sure if I should comment here, but couldn’t find another suitable place for this.  I have recently been getting random ‘messages’ in my Message box (the little envelope picture top right of your screen).  The messages seem to be nothing to do with the site, and to be honest, appear to be spam.  Is anyone else getting them and what should I do about it.   Sadly, I am beginning to think I may have to leave altogether.



    Ann, I think Charlie already took care of that spammer.  If it was not Moureen Max contacting you, you should let him know about it.

    I did a write-up telling you how to contact him and how you can change your message privacy settings to prevent spammers from being able to contact you.

    Hi Sandra,   yes it was a Moureen Max.    I will look at my privacy settings again, many thanks.   ann

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