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  • Hi Kate, I’ve had similar experiences with companies in Victoria,BC. When I went in over ten years ago to get watercolors I explained that although I didn’t have a huge budget, I DIDN’T want junk. If that meant spending another hundred dollars then so be it. But I explained that I knew nothing about watercolor yet. They recommended W&N Cotman. I bought a dozen colors, all which were useless to me within a month as you just cannot get any professional results with student paint (excluding Van Gogh, they’re awesome). Students should never use student paint, they’re the ones who don’t already have ” best practices” to offset not such great supplies. Professionals know how to correct for problems that come with cheaper supplies, students by the very nature of being a student don’t. I was sooooo angry. The saw and helped me buy a fifty dollar brush but didn’t know enough about their own product to suggest upgrading even to W&N professional watercolors which would have been a fine choice, at lest the paint would have useful. Grrr, still ticks me off.

    Actually, when art media moved to the Blick’s location they grew, and frankly, Blick’s had less of a selection.  They don’t stock in the store but a few brands of this or that….

    Hehehe, sandra and I were both working on computer code problems, me building my new website, her writing  a book on a digital platform. We both got stuck and frustrated and took the afternoon off. We sat around and drank coffee and chatted. So good to take a break from all the damn stress of not knowing what the H*ll you’re doing! I wanna go just paint! Hugs Kate.

    it’s always awesome to find a niche business that does it all RIGHT. I love wetpaint, they’re SO knowledgable and helpful and generous with their time, I’ve never been in the physical store, wish I could but I’d have to hop on a plane! Maybe someday… ROADTRIP!!!!!

    As the baby girl in a family of boyz, I was always being told I could not know things.  Do you know how crazy it makes me to see the private convo signs?  Charlie this is bring up so many memories — sob —

    Just joking.

    I haven’t visited Blick’s since the year they first opened.  I know they moved from the original site. These days I usually go to Columbia Art and Drafting Supply.  I miss Muse D’art (I think that was how it was spelled).  I used to go there quite a bit too.  And Scraps moved! I used to love combing through that place to find hidden treasures, but not enough to go all the way downtown.

    weird, I don’t buy from Blick because their shipping to Canada is exorbitant, like crazy high. I like their online selection and definitely their prices and they do have an excellent affiliate program but oh the prices for shipping a pen and paper to Canada!!!

    ok, you guys should try being in a city with NO art supply store at all!! We have a Michaels but for professional supplies it’s kinda useless and THE PRICES….. Nuff said. I’d kill to have a good artstore that didn’t have prices four times higher than the US.

    I’ve been trying to get to the Merriartist in McMinville, Oregon.  They’re a few hours away and we pass them everytime hubby and I go to the coast.  For some reason, he won’t stop and let me look it over, lol.

    Well, if you ever visit Portland, Oregon we have quite a few.  Not as many as we used to, but I know we have more than most cities.

    I think that may have been my bad Kate. One reply I made last night I inadvertently clicked make private. I have no idea what that did to the thread of back and forth. If I knew how to change it…

    Jennifer, did you get my reply to your private message?  I made mine private too, since you had and probably we should move comments about expanding your presence in social media to a new thread.

    dope, didn’t receive it. I have no idea how to move this convo to the “correct” place, if you do, go for it, I’ll follow! I shouldn’t have hit that button, too tired I guess. I think it screwed up the thread. :o(

    Well, I don’t think we could move existing conversation, but we could start a new topic or just start messaging each other.  I just sent you a message ( I think ).  Did that arrive? It should show as a number by the envelope in the icons in your profile.


    not so far, sometimes it takes a while to get where it’s going though… I’ll wait. :o) Is there a social media topic somewhere?

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