Qor – Love them or Leave them?

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  • I don’t think there is.  I discovered that my message didn’t go because it says I’ve entered an invalid username. I copied your name from your wall, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to enter there.  Ah well. Could you email me at LifeImitatesDoodles  [at] gmail [dot] com?

    I mix a lot of greens, but there are some that I just reach for.  Sap.  Green-Gold — I like both the DS and QoR.  Bohemian.  They save me time/sapce mixing.


    Jenn ergarding the primatek turquoises — and I am huge primatek fan — The Sleeping Beauty is a bit muddier and semi-transparent, while the Amazonite — a green turquoise — is much more transparent.  If I can I will upload some images here, but you can also go to a page I did on BLUES when I was finally ready to write about the colors I love and the ones I won’t keep (I bought many many tubes of paint when first starting watercolors.)  and FYI, the Lapis, which you will also see in this post, is inconsistent — I use a lot of it and sometimes it is quite clear blue (shown) and sometimes it is grey blue.  I use it for moody skies so I am fine with that.  BTW, Fushite and Kyanite sparkle.  NOT my idea of fun — so I use them for an occasional car….

    I hate Columbia Art…. They’ve been so rude.  And they would not take a product that was bad back because I didn’t have the receipt but it had their dang sticker on it.  I’ve not been to Scraps.  I bought from Blicks back when they were starting up in Los Angeles but when they became the gobble-up small stores store I stopped… and then they bought both stores — our lovely old store and Utrecht.  GRRRR.   I only do that when buying for the business in certain quantities online because there is no way a small store can help us without charging ten times the rates, and they usually don’t have what we need for the biz.  I shop Merriartist and WetPaintArt 99% of the time.  Sandra I’ve thought to get something going in our studio (we have so much space) btu not quite found what i’d like to get going here… We must have coffee!

    And I wish I could procrastinate a bit more and not do what I am scared to do, which is oil painting… You’ll see what I am working on as I am posting on the blog.

    when he sees what you spend there he really will speed up….

    If Jenn gets here I say we take a trip to Merriartist and have lunch at NicNicksks.

    Jenn I am SO sorry.  I wonder if I could buy for you and ship?  Even in Ashland we had a decent art store.  Michael’s is high?  I don’t shop there but I thought they were cheap!  Jenn have you asked Marc Holmes or Shari Blaukoft if they know a good place to shop in Canada?  And where the heck are you, living with the elk?

    Jenn I think I am not doing messages through friends right.  Did you get a message from me saying

    Anytime you are having a tough time between Primatek colors and want to know ask me — I own so many of them and use them daily.

    Kate, visiting the MerriArtist if Jenn ever visits sounds like a plan.  Meanwhile, we should get together for coffee!

    Kate, I agree about Columbia being rude, and they are a bit of a drive for me since I’m out Troutdale way.  But they do have a great selection so when I can’t find what I want at the MerriArtist online shop, I usually do my shopping there.

    I’ve been procrastinating as well.  I’m trying to write a book to go along with the Fun & Easy Landscape stuff, but I’m not that good with Photoshop, and trying to clean the artwork up and align everything is driving me nutso.  Plus, my eyes feel like crows have been at them after I work on it for awhile.  Too easy to do everything else instead!

    firstly, I seem to have received ALL your responses at once, like twenty all in one moment, lol. So no idea that was wrong. I live on the west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo. Nanaimo is over the Malahat mountain range about 2 hours from Victoria which is on the tip of aVancouver Island. It’s a STEEP climb and many precarious highway turns that make you catch your breath. So going to Victoria for supplies is not happening most times. And shipping anything in canada is exorbitant. Like 20 dollars to send it from Victoria.


    those are all gorgeous! which are the most transparent in your opinion? I only like really transparent colors and sometimes even though they say transparent or semi transparent, they “feel” muddy or less transparent.

    I’ve played around with QoR but the price is a deal killer for me (there are so many fabulous brands for much less) and some of the colors can be a little overpowering and cloudy. But QoR Cobalt Green is one of my favorites! It does sound like you got a lemon. Every single time I’ve reach out to them, their customer service has been spectacular. You’ve probably gotten it worked out by now, but if not, give them a call or email.

    Yes, they actually contacted ME, after reading this post on Doodlewash!  I was flabbergasted.  I don’t mind paying the price as much when I know it’s going toward stellar customer service.  That’s so rare!


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