Qor – Love them or Leave them?

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  • It is rare! I work with (or TRY to work with) a lot of art suppliers, and many don’t even respond to my emails or phone calls. But many do! There are some great folks out there, and Golden is wonderful.

    By the way, we were just talking about RUV… QoR’s Raw Umber is fantastic, a rich cool brown that is similar in color to DS but it doesn’t shrink drastically in my pans like DS does. A cool, single-pigment earth is rather hard to find, but that’s what I prefer so I like QoR’s.

    Mixed with a Quin Violet (QoR’s Quin Violet is really nice also… I just profiled QoR’s QV in a color feature at my blog) = INSTANT LOVE! 🙂

    Happy painting!

    Ahhh, and the penny drops. You’re THAT Tonya. I read your blog all the time. *Jenn waives from JustAddWaterSilly.com*, I recognized you from your words above, “instant Love” and that you just did a post on the raw umbers and quin violet. I had just read through those last night and, damn you, I had to pin new colors to buy. It’s ALL  your fault that my wallet is gonna be screaming in a few weeks, lol. I don’t think I can live without that violet umber either. Is the daniel smith really close as I usually use DS and have no american journey. Haven’t ever shopped Cheap joes either, although they do sound like a fantastic company. I’ve just started working with companies to promote their products. It sure is fun. I’m (right now actually, I shouldn’t be playing hooky) working on my  new website and blogs. JustAddWaterSilly is going professional soon. Can’t WAIT until it’d DONE. Stressful to be an artist who doesn’t know enough about code to do this. I just wanna be painting. Anyway, so nice to finally meet you in person Tonya.

    PS. Qor’s aren’t my favorite either, I don’t sneeze at free paint though. They’re nice and professional and some colors are spectacular but they ARE expensive.

    haha! Your reply made me giggle! 🙂 Yay, I’m so glad to *meet* you. Earlier today, I popped over to your blog and checked it out. It’s looking great! Painting and sharing my adventures and the tidbits I’m learning is one of my greatest joys. I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

    Daniel Smith’s Raw Umber is lovely! It’s one of my favorites, but I think the individual characteristics of paints often get lost in the mixes, so any Quin Violet + RU will make fine RUV. Because I use RUV so often, I purchase the big ole 37 ml premixed sizes at Cheap Joe’s. Saves me time and money, which is a plus plus!

    So if I go ahead and follow you on IG, will you be posting there? Would love to keep up with your website!

    Cheers! Tonya


    Hi Tonya,

    The iPhone is on my christmas list, lol. I have an instagram account but can’t post to it as my phone isn’t enabled for it. UPGRADE!

    Thanks for the compliment on my website. JustAddWaterSilly.com has been up on blogger for 7 years and I’m now moving it all to wordpress, easier to monitize etc. I’m just sick of all the problems I have with the blogger platform. I’m also splitting my blog up into just the art at justaddwatersilly and now the new blog, NextBookInYourHand. I realized it had to be separated when on the same day two publishers contacted me to offer physical books and to do a giveaway and my aunt complained about there being too many reviews and not enough art in the last few days. ARGGGG! Family. LOL. can’t please anyone. SO now I’m stuck in front of the computer for the next week at least, cut off from my beloved painting and even no time to READ too. Ahh the torture. ;o)

    All I have up right now is my overarching website, JennniferMcLean.com which will be a hub for both blogs and someday, hopefully a landing page after I write that best seller in either art or mystery. Dunno which one yet, If God would just darn well cooperate and answer my email about lengthening the day we’d be all set and I could do everything.  He’s really bad at returning emails. ;o)

    I just realized how much you can SAVE when purchasing the 37ml tubes! I wish DS and schmincke made them. To only be able to choose from W&N, American journey and Da Vinci isn’t fair! I use a LOT of payne’s grey bluish from Schmincke and also their neutral tint. And don’t get me started on the yellows which undercoat everything. Ok, maybe I have to talk to someone about a raise. Now, who would that be as I’m the boss?

    If you follow me on IG it’ll be my main sharing space by January. I hate being left out of all the hullaballoo. Until then, if you sign up on justadd watersilly.com you’ll get an email when I change the blogs over etc!

    My you are a busy lady! I do well to handle one website, so kudos to you! I’ll go ahead and follow you on IG, so I’ll be there whenever you are ready. I also check in here as often as I can, which isn’t often but I do enjoy it. Glad Charlie set this up!

    The 37 ml tubes are great if you know it’s a color that you love, though I think a Schmincke 37ml tube would be like a million dollars. Still out of my price range. ha!

    Back to the original topic, I’d love to see QoR come down on their prices. Some of their colors really are lovely, but their prices keep them far above many people’s budgets, especially when other high quality brands are less. I wonder if their prices have something to do with their high tech binder? Maybe one of their kind reps will let us know more.

    Best wishes, and happy painting!

    you are so right about the price of a 37ml of Schmincke! It’s terrible to be totally in love with certain colors that don’t really have dupes. At least it’s excellent paint. If they did have 37’s of Payne’s grey bluish and neutral tint I’d shell out that price in an instant. I’d totally have to go take a nap after though. ;o)

    I have no idea about the extra price or the extra small 11ml tubes of Qor. I would think they have to use a little more pigment as that was the point of the new binder but I don’t find that every color is extra saturated. Some are brighter though. I dunno, not sure they’re a hit across the web, everyone’s curious though. Not sure the new binder moves the same as other paints.

    It’s amazing what charlie did here, I know he’s pushing the boundaries of what wordpress can do so its amazing what functions it has. HOW he runs it all, I’ll never know. I just hope all the work I”m putting in pays off and everyone who follows me now, subscribes to the new site. I’ll be adding incentives, I just shiver at going from what I have now to no stats. That’s why it took this amount of time to actually change over, loss of all the stats. It’s just time though.

    If you are stuck on WP I can maybe help.  But I did more my formal site to Squarespace because I wanted a shopping cart — but I LOVE my blog and keeping it on WP because it is so great.  And you don’t even know until you work with it a bit.  I wish more blogger people knew that they may not be gaining traction because many of us can’t comment.

    I wish wish wish we could hit “like” on the forums… I don’t think Charlie can make that work.  I can’t spend the time to answer you guys but yes yes yes!  Running to  work!


    If you click on the person’s name, you’ll be taken to their profile page, and you’ll get  a list of their activities, including their conversations from various forums.  In that view, you have a heart that you can click on to show a like.  It’s a bit time-consuming to do that for everyone, but if you really want to ‘like’ a post, you can do it that way.

    thanks Kate. Right now I have to wait for my webmaster (my cousin) to upload the framework for both blogs then I’m sure I’ll have questions about sidebar widgets etc! Thanks for letting me bend your ear! One reason I’m switching to WP is to make everything easier. I’ll be writing a post about no reply bloggers to fix the whole no comment thing for everyone, Blogger has screwed that up so much!

    thanks! Adding it to my cart!

    Thanks Sandra!

    Oh, man.  Y’all are making me want to go shopping in town now.

    SCRAP is kind of awesome in the new location, btw.  Definitely worth the trip, and parking’s pretty easy where they are…as opposed to the downtown Blick where my fitbit wonders if I’m on fire from all the steps I have to take to get there once I find a spot to park.  (Spent way too long in small towns, and now I’m all like TRAFFIC?  NOPE.  DEALBREAKER.)

    I’ve also had really good experiences at I’ve Been Framed over on Division.  Supposedly, they’re getting/have stocked Daniel Smith now, which is probably why I haven’t been back in a while.  I’m scared we’ll be eating ramen for a month….but I’ll have pretty colors.  Ahem.

    If anybody wants to go to merriartist with a buddy (maybe to tackle you if you have over $XYZ in your hands on the way to the register?), let me know.  I’ve been dying to get over there.

    Elizabeth, I’ll have to check out ‘I’ve Been Framed’ again.  I used to shop there too often, even though it’s a bit of a drive for me and the parking drives me crazy.  But the last couple of times I went, they mostly had cheaper brands.  Their second-hand stuff is always worth checking out though.  Sometimes you find a real gem.

    I’ll let you know if I decide I’m going to go to MerriArtist.  Probably won’t be soon, though.  I’ve got to rein in the spending for a while.  And I have to do some shopping here at Doodlewash, the next time I decide to spend!

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