Qor – Love them or Leave them?

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  • Sandra and I are talking about a day trip to Merriartist — we’ll let you know!


    Not been to I’ve been framed…

    Yes… maybe after the new year we’ll do a day trip to Merriartist.

    Charlie I think we need a yakking feature…

    Yeah, the parking over there is….interesting.  Like how a root canal is interesting.  (I’m coming in from the north, though, and I can say — coming over the 205 bridge is a whoooole lot less migraine-inducing than the 5 these days, so there’s that going for it. :D)

    There’s definitely a mix of brand quality, but there’s usually enough decent stuff that I can find *something* to spend money on.  😀  Plus, I’ve got like a billion dollars in credit waiting there for me.  (Well…okay.  Like $142.  But that’s a billion dollars worth of fun just waiting to happen.)

    And yes!  Keep me in the loop about Merriartist!  I’m much more likely to go somewhere new if I’m with other people.  (I’m kind of a hermit otherwise and can talk myself out of things if left unattended. :D)

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)
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