Review: American Journey Nomad Compact Set

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    Sandra Strait

    Last week I received an American Journey Nomad Compact Set that I received from Cheap Joe’s, as a prize won during the World Watercolor Month giveaways.

    I can’t seem to post photos in the forums without them going into the galleries, so if you wish to read this review with photos, you can find it at my Life Imitates Doodles blog.

    The set consists of a compact tin with plastic well insert and a reusable cotton drawstring bag.

    The bag is my favorite part of the set, lol.  It reminds me of the Goldmine Bubble Gum that used to come in cotton bags. Fond memories.

    The tins also come in other sizes, but this is the only one with the plastic well insert.  The other tins are designed to use American Journey Empty Pans.  You could probably use other brands but the fit wouldn’t be as tight.

    The tin fits nicely in the palm of your hand (probably even if you have tiny, tiny hands).

    According to the specs on the Cheap Joe’s website the plastic insert is not removable.  I thought it was glued at first, but then realized it was just wedged in tightly, so I removed it.

    You can see the it is made of the clamshell type of plastic.  It should be relatively safe in the tin, but I think it will crack easily.

    It’s hard to tell for sure, but I put another brand of half-pan on the insert for comparison and I do think the wells are smaller.  There isn’t really a standard size for half-pans, but the one I used is the size I most commonly see.

    The tin itself is made of very thin metal.  At first, I thought the lid on mine was dented, but I pushed the dent and it popped right out.  I found you could push that area back and forth and it would make the sound a clicker does.

    The set is cute, and would definitely be an easy carry.  I’d worry that it might be easily dented or cracked, though.

    The $2.59 price tag is good, but with shipping and handling it would cost too much, so this is probably something you would look at as an add-on when buying other things.

    At first, I was of the mind that I preferred my adapted tins, but after I filled the Nomad, with paint from my American Journey All-Terrain set, the cuteness kind of snuck up on me.  I had the thought that this might be a cool stocking stuffer for an artist-especially if you filled it paint.  Or if you were in a painting group that liked to regularly share pigments, you could all get one of these for keeping samples.


    Kati Brooke

    I’m glad to see your review! I’m still waiting for the things I won from Cheap Joe’s to arrive, but I’m now convinced this will be perfect for what I need (which is something to hold paint that is small enough to fit in the pocket of my purse, with my gum and pens).

    Sandra Strait

    It will definitely be small enough for that, lol!


    I got mine in the mail.  It’s absolutely adorable 🙂


    Aww cool! It does look adorable!!


    You should be able to click the image icon and add images without them going to the Member’s Gallery. I just tested it and it appears to work fine. Let me know what’s happening on your end Sandra, so we can debug it! hehe

    Sandra Strait

    Testing to see if this ends up in the gallery.Evening Meal-Trans Pyr Or, Indian Yellow, Ph Bl, Green Gold, Quin Gold on  on Stonehenge 140 CP

    Sandra Strait

    Hmmm.  My test phot did not show up in the gallery, so I guess I’m working okay now.  The other day I was having problems, but then maybe I wasn’t where I thought I was, doing what I thought I was.  That happens to me a lot, lol.  Thanks Charlie, false alarm.


    That happens to me all the time in life! Lol Glad I’m not the only one!! Hehe As for photos, yeah, as long as it’s not the +(paintbrush icon) then it should only appear in a post. I hope… at least… that’s how I tried to set it up. If anything other than the magic paintbrush icon sends an image to the gallery though, let me know!!


    Are these the colors from the nomad set you received?

    Sandra Strait

    Kate, the Nomad Palette comes empty palette with no paints.  The colors I used on the painting above were: Qor Transparent Pyrrole Orange, Indian Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Green Gold, and Quinacridone Gold. I was painted on Stonehenge 140 Cold Press.

    Prashant Maru

    Thank you for sharing ☺


    Thanks Sandra!

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