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  • Probably the color didn’t sell well or some ingredient was hard to find.  We’ll have to find a way to convince them of their folly!

    Okay, gurls…. I like the DV Perelyne not the Schminke.  Schminke’s colors are too flat — I can’t explain it.  Blicks and Ultrecht are the same company now and the prices are the same.

    The thing about brights is that you can dull them down, but you can’t brighten the dulls… that is the thing.  In my own travel palette ic an easily dull down the bright greens into shadowy colors…. But you can’t undarken them.  And then too, I am a child of the 60’s from So Cal and flower power is in my bones… psychedelic!  (My mother used to warn me way from the evil Tim Leary.)

    I am on a crazy color roll… I have even redone my normal pans of colors on my desk and gads I LITERALLY do not have room for one mroe color unless I buy a new set of Hahnemuhle post cards… I am completely filled up.  Mitchell does not know what has gotten into me (he likes looking at the colors though) and wants me to take it out of the bed because I spilled full pans of wet paint today… thankfully I am through reorganizing cuz I’d be sneaking it back in!

    I, too must stop buying… but may have to stick my head into Blicks this week!

    Oh, and BTW, I bought a bunch of DS real Quin Gold before it sold out.  I am the Quin Gold gurl.  So we will conquer the world of discontinued paints together!

    Hehehe, Kate. I was really lucky, someone at wet paint (kate actually) saved me some quin gold, I was SO thankful as it’s one of my faves. It took me too long to realize how much I loved it so thank god she was so generous and realized I’d want extra tubes. I missed out on that with New Gamboge 5 years ago, if I’d known how much I’d love it I would have stocked up on that back then too. I hate when paints disappear. Hope you didn’t spill a phthalo, lol. That seems to be my plight in life, if a tube is gonna break or explode or I’m gonna drop a newly full pan it’s always a phthalo!

    Kate, I think we are a bad influence on each other, lol, and I’m probably the worst of the bunch! But it’s so much fun.

    Tonya I realized that I traded a pan of DS Perelyne Green… not worked with it yet, feels dark but will play with it!

    You are lucky, Jennifer! People have been grabbing up the Quin Gold left and right.  It’s another one of those colors that I never seem to use for some reason.  Yet, I do love it. Ah, the muse she is a strange creature.

    NOPE, wrong… DS Prussian Green, lower right hand corner!


    I finished a massive cleaning and reorganizing… and am ready to do a massive trade/sale.  Maybe what I ought to do is put them on my blog at some point and then I can trade or sell for a couple bucks.  I bougth so many colors before I knew what Opaque versus transparent would mean to me, and also before I got the pigments dowm — repeats of odd colors, things I will not use.  I can make a full pan of a each then get rid of them!  I want more Da Vin ci and M Graham and Sennelier colors, though I gotta say, the MG colors Tom sent me are amazing but so sticky wet.  They cannot be in a real travel set… I can have them by the bed though, and on my desk.  How is that when they are made HERE??? crazy…. shaking head…. but such intense colors.  I also bought so many DS colors and frankly, now that he sold the company the pigment levels are not what they used to be…. reorganizing my colors and doing new swatches seen next to each other is showing me that.  Soooo, I am trying others.  Sobbing I didn’t win the Da Vinci pans!

    Jenn, Thankfully it was a red on a red flannel sheet!

    About the New Gamboge: Indian Yellow from either MGraham or Da Vinci is a pretty good match. (below)

    And on Quin Gold, I gotta tell you I bought lots but I am in love with Aussie Red Gold and Holbiens’ Quin Gold, and think Nickel Quina-whatever from MGraham is a pretty good match. (below)

    Yes, Sandra, we are all bad influences on each other… and it looks like MMcBuck is about to become another!

    I hadn’t heard DS sold the company. When did that occur? I started with DS and like the colors a lot. I do not like Schminke at all – not the paints and certainly not the prices. Now that I’ve tried a Da Vinci palette plus a few other colors, I am amazed at their quality and value for the price. And made right here in So. Cal! I do like granulation, though, and the DV paints I have don’t granulate much at all.

    Thanks, Kate, for all these recent swatches.

    Kate, I’m sobbing that I didn’t win the Da Vinci giveaway too (notice that out of all you posted, that caught my attention the most, lol).  We’re luring other Doodlewashers toward our addictions!  I say the more the merrier.

    I love your swatches.  I really want to do some but just haven’t been able to justify the time.  I thought I might have a bit more over the holiday, but my mother’s had some problems and my sister-in-law is very ill.  We’re not sure she’ll make it, so lots of time at the hospital.  Ah well.

    We need to get together.  I’ve got some tubes of M Graham that are about 1/4 full and that I doubt I’ll buy re-buy.  There might be some you’d like to try before investing money or trade for a larger amount.  Of course, if this icy weather persists, I’m not budging from the house, lol.

    Daniel Smith was sold in 2006 but the new owner had been CEO for years before.  I don’t know if they’ve had a sale since so I may be out of the loop on that one.

    Holy cow Kate, what a comparison! How are you choosing?? With so many colors it’s overwhelming! I totally hear you on opacity, I almost always don’t like it, I tend to organically stay away from it, not a conscious choice but still ends up happening.  When did Daniel Smith sell the business? I can see myself switching to Da Vinci paint as I test them out, I’m hoping Charlie has a 12 pan set in the doodle wash store sometime.

    I bought my first DS paints about 3 years ago, but I always assumed that Daniel Smith, the person, was at the helm!

    Me too Sharon, I’m wondering if the paint has indeed changed in the past 3 years which will mean the second I actually go bulk shopping as I finally run out of mass color, are the tubes gonna be different? Because if so, I’ll put if off until I decide about Da Vinci, I have real high hopes for this paint! I love their company and it’s small, hand poured ideals

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 99 total)
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