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  • We are all a very bad influence on each other. Or good, if you think that sharing beautiful paints isn’t a bad thing! 🙂

    Blick & Utrecht are the same company, but Blick doesn’t have DV Perylene Green. I checked there first because that’s who I usually order from. The Perylene Green order is the first time I’ve ever ordered from Utrecht, and I doubt I’ll go back unless they are the only ones who carry something because the organization of their website is a mess. Blick is so well organized and the customer service so great that I love shopping there. I get most of my stuff locally at Cheap Joe’s, but if I have to do an order, I tend to go to Blick.

    But now that we are all stockpiled, YOU may all be rich one day but I’m not sure I could part with a tube of Perylene Green. Mine all mine! ha!

    I only started drawing & painting three years ago, but I’ve never like DS paints. They have some weird plastic binder that shrinks like mad in my pans, and their granulation in some of their paints is over the top. Some people like that (the aforementioned Jane Blundell) and I don’t mind some granulation, but I don’t care for strong textures. And their prices are near the top of the range, even in the States.

    But anyway, DS Perylene Green in on my dot sample cards but it is no longer listed on their website in the 15ml size, though there is still plenty of stock out there. I wonder if all Perylene Green will go by the wayside? Scary!!!

    I have never won anything on Doodlewash! So all you who scored during WW month, I’m a bit envious. 🙂 Jennifer, keep us posted on how you like DV!

    Tonya, I have good luck with giveaways, but only because I enter so many, lol.  I do a tri-weekly list of resource links on my blog which includes links to art and craft giveaways.  That gives me the excuse to go looking.  I find that I win one giveaway for every 30-50 giveaways that I enter, if that gives you a clue.  These days I only win 3 or 4 times a year.  It used to be more like every 2 weeks.

    I hope that Perylene Green isn’t going away because something is unavailable.  I know that historically green cars are the least popular except for occasional trends so that may be part of it.

    I’m with you on DS.  I do like granulation, sometimes, but not on a regular basis, and I don’t like the way they dry in the pan.  I wonder if there is a correlation between liking M Graham (if you are in the right humidity) and disliking DS because they are nearly opposites in the way they dry in the pan.

    I saw your posts and love that you do that! Unfortunately, I really don’t prioritize any time to enter giveaways. I did more of that in the past but it does take some commitment and time, so I let most of it go. I do enter the Doodlewash giveaways though. Me and like 10,000 other people. ha!

    I like your DS/MG theory but since we moved from the coast to the mountains, I can no longer use MG annnndddd DS still shrinks like crazy in my pans. AJ & DV works just fine here, so I’m sticking with those two beautiful brands. But yes, it could certainly be a climate thing!

    I don’t have high hopes for Perylene green sticking around, which is why I’m stocking up. Not many artists use a lot of (any?) green watercolors, and it is very unique… more what I call a “boutique” color. Still, I love that it’s single pigment. Such a gorgeous shade that SHOULD have staying power. At least you and I will be set. 😉

    Jennifer, I heard through the trade grapevine that recently DS moved their paints to an entirely new production facility and has made a lot of changes (including a new website which is a hot mess), so we’ll see how all this irons out. They are now big business, so to speak, which could be a bad thing… but hopefully not if the quality and customer care stays consistent. Since I never cared for them in the first place, I could really care less. ha ha ha! 🙂

    Sorry, bad play on words.

    You rock, girl! I love your ultra bright color palette. Makes me wish I knew what to do with those colors, but yes, Sandra is totally correct… accepting our style and who we are as artists is also a beautiful thing!

    I ordered the DaVinci dot set with my points. Not enough points for this set 😄. I’ve never used DaVinci so am anxious to try them.

    Tonya, I’ve become so much more aware of how people react to to the different brands of paint through these discussions on Doodlewash.

    I’ve recently started giving some feedback to someone who is making handmade watercolors and I’ve been trying to take what I’m learning into account.  While it will be helpful for her to know what I like, and dislike about the paints, it will be more helpful for her to know the why behind either.  I’m finding it’s surprisingly difficult to know the why of one’s own preferences.

    Of course, I’m the kind of person who likes to waste perfectly good time musing over that kind of thing, so I’d probably do it even if I couldn’t find an excuse, lol.

    I just got the email about DS new website. I’ll have to check it out.

    Mmmmmm I want it. Haha

    It’s well worth having! HAve you entered Charlies’ latest giveaway?

Viewing 9 posts - 91 through 99 (of 99 total)
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