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  • Do Cook! Standard Hardcover Edition by Philippe Noguera; Illustrations and Stories by Charlie O’Shields  

    (The original review was posted at the Life Imitates Doodles blog)

    Over 1000 days ago, Charlie O’Shields started painting watercolors.  He has painted one daily ever since then – every single day.  Along with each painting, he posts a ramble – memories, philosophies, humor – all boiled up in about 500 words.  A while back I reviewed one of his watercolor prints, that are sold at the Doodlewash shop.

    This is a little different from my usual reviews, but I justify it by considering this as an art supply.  After all, a well-fed artist is better able to lift that brush, or pen, and less distracted by hunger!

    Charlie and his partner, Philippe Noguera, have also created a cookbook.  I say ‘created’ instead of written because it also contains the beautiful artwork and fun rambles that you find on Doodlewash.

    To quote Charlie, from the book:

    “For me, art, as well as cooking, is a form of storytelling. Since I’m horrible in the kitchen, and can’t even cook an egg properly, I’ve been relegated to being in charge of the cleaning up.  So, I’ll let Philippe, who was born and raised in Paris, handle the cooking while I share some illustrations, that I call doodlewashes, and some bits of story.”

    Proceeds form the book got to support the Doodlewash community and a portion goes to the Dreaming Zebra foundation to help underprivileged kids get art supplies.

    There are 10 recipes, and each is illustrated, and comes with one of Charlie’s insightful rambles.

    Although the paper looks blue in my scan, it is a natural white (you can see better photos at the Doodlewash site).

    The book lies flat for easy reading while cooking.

    The illustrations are beautiful, the instructions clear and simple, and the recipes look like ones that I (cookery challenged as I am) would be able to cook.  Every one of the recipes looks fabulous to me …except the brussel sprouts.  Not even Charlie can sell me on brussel sprouts, lol.

    Even if you aren’t an avid cook (which I’m not), this is a fun book that would make an interesting coffee table book when it isn’t being used in the kitchen. In fact, I intend to write down the recipes and keep the cookbook nice and clean.

    So far, I’ve only tried the Apple Cake, and my family ate it before I could get a photo! It was delicious.  I can’t wait to try the Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese.

    I have the Standard Hardcover Edition, but the book can also be purchased in Standard Softcover Edition, Premium Limited Edition, Hardcover and E-Book Edition. The prices range from $3.99 to $43.99 plus shipping and handling.

    Thanks Sandra! So thrilled you enjoyed the book! Thanks so much! 🙂

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