Review of Cézanne, Harmony, and Expression Hahnemühle Papers

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  • I am running a two part review of Cézanne, Harmony, and Expression Hahnemühle papers.  Part one is up on my blog, and discusses ink on these papers, testing my everyday pens and inks for drawing, then for ink painting.   Part two will discuss watercolor (and I will add it to this topic thread when it is published next week).  This three part series includes a giveaway of a folded journal of one of the papers over labor Day weekend!  (Full disclosure, Hahnemühle offered me samples to test and to create part of my giveaway of folded journals!)

    All three papers are acid free, surface sized, and are 300g/m2 or 140 lbs, and intended for watercolor and other mediums.  Two are 100% cotton (Cézanne and Expression), while Harmony is acid free/archival alpha cellulose.

    I tested the cold-pressed versions of these papers because that is what I prefer, and gave conclusions about what I am more likely to use and why.  My preferences may not be your preferences but I hope this review will add to your knowledge of how papers are made, and what to look for in watercolor papers!

    All colorwork below is ink-on-paper!

    Part 2 in the review of Hahnemühle’s Harmony, Cézanne, and Expression papers, I reveal my choice for watercolor papers from the three and why.  All are excellent, but differ in absorbency and tooth. 

    Don’t forget to enter to win one of these three papers in a folding journal!  Comment “I want to win!” on this posting:
    Giveaway ends Friday 31st at midnight!

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