Seeking W&N dots sample via DO shop

  • The instructions for using the DO shop seem to be outdated. The leaderboard doesn’t appear on the Community tab any more, and I don’t have the indicated icons on my profile about my points. Since I first found out I could get the sample set of professional watercolours I’ve been excited to reach enough points to order one, but I can’t find them any more. Have I missed the boat? I so cannot afford professional paint right now so this was going to give me inspiration to save up for the future.

    Any advice?

    Sorry about that Heather, the DO Shop is closed for the time being as the method to allow purchasing with points was causing conflicts on the site, so I’m investigating an alternative now. Thanks for your patience. All of this functionality on one little site can cause some issues sometimes, so I’m working on a fix for this! Your points should still appear in your profile now (they disappeared for a moment today as I was working on the site).

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