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  • I love to draw and I have stories to tell. So it made sense that I turned to Sequential Art. The Salmon of Knowledge is My first (completed) Graphic Short Story, done last year over the summer. It has 5 pages and is a “Trailer” for a much longer story (22 pages) that will be coming… well… soon (I have another one to finish beforehand). Pen and ink and watercolor on bristol board 17 x 11.

    Thanks Charlie for suggesting that I post my Graphic Short Stories.

    Salmon of Knowledge page 1

    Salmon of Knowledge page 2

    Salmon of Knowledge page 3

    Salmon of Knowledge page 4

    Salmon of Knowledge page 5 (last)



    This is awesome! The art is fantastic and the story gripping!

    How cool!  I may come pick your brain as i have a couple ideas for “sequential art”!

    Thank you Kate, I’d happy to help you to the best of my abilities. I am rather a beginner myself. I started a bit over a year ago. But I take weekly classes and this has become the crux of my creative life.


    Way cool!  Love it!

    Love them!



    Thank you, Dolores.

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this, Marie… LOVE the story and the artwork is beautiful! And it’s a great trailer… or should I say teaser?? I want to read all 22 pages!!!

    Many thanks, Charlie. I have another 22-pager to finish (goal: May 2018) before I work on the Salmon of Knowledge. My goal for the Salmon is the end of 2018. I may post it as I go, in episodes, on my FB and/or the Website I am setting up now. In the meanwhile, I’ll soon post my latest five-pager on this blog. Stay tuned 🙂


    This is my second five-pager, completed three weeks ago.  After “The Salmon of Knowledge”, I decided that NEVER AGAIN would I use watercolor on bristol boards (standard substrate for  Comic Artists). So for “The Return”, I used my favorite: Arches CP, 140lb. It makes pen work a lot easier too. I love that tooth. It allows so much more control. And of course, the watercolor paints itself on its own. 😉

    the Return page 2

    Yes, I know. I misspelled psychotherapy. That was my second try, and I didn’t think that the paper would sustain a second round of scratching.

    How very awesome! The artwork is marvelous and I was totally caught up in the story.

    Many thanks, Sandra!

    This is fabulous! The story is very engrossing and your art is wonderful. I’m so impressed! The panel layout is extremely well done!

    Thanks, Charlie.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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