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  • Yay! Thank you Charlie for adding this forum where people can share their pen and ink drawings.  I’ll start off with a couple of my favorites.

    Pigma Micron & Ohto Technical pens (with a touch of white gel pen for the big metal balls)

    Zebra Z-Grip ballpoint pen


    I usually find myself doodling and scribbling on tissue paper during long lectures at conventions, on pages of my book, hence, I named my work —-“scribbles of the bored pens”. Most were done using metallic gel pens on black paper.

    Scribbles of the Bored Pens

    Gorgeous work, Sandra! Love the whimsy of that first one… very cool style! And thanks for kicking things off in this new forum! 😉


    Don’t often use pen and ink, so here’s one from an old AT Challenge:

    Mother’s love



    The picture’s not loading for me, so please ignore the above.

    Thank you, Charlie! Would marker style pens, like this fineliner drawing be okay for this forum, or where you planning a different forum for that.

    It was slow for me to upload my photos, but they did go through eventually.

    Wow, Aida! These are so fabulous.  I’ll bet you keep the people around you entertained!

    Sorry about the problems… I’m still not entirely sure why it didn’t load at first, but I was able to replicate it. I tried reducing the file size and that seemed to work better. When I loaded the pic from the backend, though, it suddenly showed up twice! Gremlins!! But it’s there now and lovely work, Rod! 🙂

    I’m thinking any time of pen that uses ink would be fine here! And that dog is adorable!

    Rod, I love this drawing! You’ve captured the different textures so well.

    Thank you, Charlie! For some reason, some of my older stuff scanned in at a huge size, even though I was using the same settings for everything.  I should re-scan them but with so much going on in the now, it seems a waste to go back to something from the past, lol.


    Thank you Charlie – twice.


    Thank you Sandra. Cute Pup BTW

    I seem to do dogs best in pen.

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