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  • Final draft

    So sorry new to this and I sent picture twice. I’m not real tech smart. Please is there a way to delete one if you send too many?

    What a beautiful drawing, Mary! It has a fabulous sense of depth.

    Mary, it may be too late now, but if you go back within a certain amount of time, you’ll see a ‘delete’ option in the upper right of your post, next to the ‘edit/reply’ options.  I’m not sure why this is only available for a short time.  @CharlieO’Shields might be able to delete one of them for you.

    No worries! I deleted the duplicate… not sure why the delete option isn’t sticking around. I’ll have to look into that! 😉

    Awesome piece of work Rod.

    I can see the amount of patience it took to draw this piece.

    Thank you! First draft was rough done in sketch book, second one done on large paper


    Shar I assume that this is in response to my Native American picture? I find this forum format really confusing…….

    Wonderful, Rod!

    Wonderful botanical sketches, Pamela.

    Lovely Pam!

    Beautiful texture Mary!

    Love the detail in this!!!

    Thank you Kate, I appreciate your comment. I’m New to forums or even posting my work.

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