So, the blog feature…


  • If you write a blog post, it just shows on your individual profile/blog section, right?

    I don’t want to accidentally hit some kind of button that foists my inane yammering at the world at large or anything. 😀

    (That’s what facebook’s for.  Ahem.)

    I imagine that if google sees it and there is a live link it will pick it up.  And I don’t think Charlie minds linking… Charlie weigh in here?

    I don’t mind google being…google.  😀  I just didn’t want it to get internally linked somewhere by accident — because if there’s a way for me to accidentally fall onto a live stage somewhere, I’ll do it.

    My clutziness apparently isn’t limited to the physical world.  LOL!

    (See also: flooding the newsfeed with photos, for instance.) 😀

    I was in feature adding crazy land this month, and totally missed this . The Blog feature actually posts to the main blog, but only via approval by me. At this point in time, it’s just available for Featured Artists who come back with an article they’d like to submit such as a tutorial.  So the first step is… let’s get you featured, Elizabeth! 😉 If you’re interested, send me a message!

    Can I ask….I’ve looked at the Blog section, but it only seems to be for text and not images. Am I right?


    See Charlie’s post just above Ann

    Thanks Rod 🙂

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