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  • Hi Charlie and the other,

    for last couple of months I receive internal messages from different account where I have been asked to contact that person.
    E.g. “lease i have something very important that i will like to discuss with you,It’s urgent you write back to me so that i can give you the details why i contacted you,Thanks and i will look forward to hear from you soon.E-mail (….”

    I have to say, it´s annoying and I would appreciate to have a chance to block such persons emails.

    Thanks, Markéta

    Spammers sneak in from Facebook occasionally and this one has been blocked as have all others at this time. It’s impossible to know if someone is a spammer until they do something dumb. But yes, you can block the individual when you click the “Go To Discussion” link and then click “Stop Receiving Message From This User”, but a better route would be to go to your Settings in your Profile (might need to click “=+” to see the Settings) and select “Message Privacy” – there you can set it to “Friends Only” and that should stop those emails! 🙂


    Markéta, if you haven’t already changed your settings, I created a new topic in the How to Use the Site explaining how to change your settings and the best way to contact Charlie if you need to let him know about a spammer.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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