Spammers – What to do when you get one

  • If you get a message or see suspicious activity from someone that you suspect is a spammer, be sure to contact Charlie.  He’s very good about blocking spammers.  There is an envelope on the right sidebar. Click on it and fill it in.  Be sure to give him the name of the spammer so he knows where to look.

    You can block the spammer to keep from getting further messages until Charlie has the chance to squash them.

    While you have their message open, look for the ‘Stop Receiving Messages’ and click on it. That will block the sender.

    You can also change your settings to control who is able to send you messages.  On your profile page, click on the settings icon.

    Then click on Message Privacy. You’ll be able to choose between ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Custom’ where you can create of list of people who can message you.



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