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    Has anyone had problems with buckling using Stonehenge Aqua either 140 or 300 pound? I just tried out both, using a wet-on-wet technique, and both bowed out. This effect seemed to be worse when I taped around a square before painting. I’m using blue painter’s tape. Using Daniel smith watercolors – wet surface first, then drop in color – trying to create Galaxy Paintings.

    I have had them curl, though not too much problem with buckling.  I usually wet the back of the side I’m going to paint on before I start, and I don’t usually tape my paper down.  Sometimes, I roll a piece of tape for each corner and tape the corners down from the back.  I usually paint on both sides, but find that once I’ve painted a side, I don’t have much problem with curling.


    Thanks for the tips. I’ve never thought to wet the back side – I just load the water on the front. I can see how painting on both sides would help. I think what you describe as a “curl” is actually what’s happening.

    I think people use the terms a bit differently.  I consider it a curl when one or more sides or corners start lifting up and inward.  I call it buckling when the paper gets large ripples, and dimpling when you get lots of little ripples here and there.

    When I got my samples I cut them down and made a little sketchbook. I did not have any problems with buckling on either one.   Sorry to hear you are having a problem.

    When doing very wet-in-wet paintings, I’ve found that wetting the back side and placing it on a glass or plexiglass sheet helps it to stay wet longer, plus the buckling isn’t as bad, since it all dries slowly, and the moisture kind of sticks the paper to the glass.

    Another nice thing about using plexiglass is that if you use a big enough piece, you can mix your paint right on the sheet.

    I do think the humidity and temperature can make a big difference.  In August and early September with the weather and the wildfire nearby, none of my papers were handling as usual.  One of the reasons I like to read several reviews of a product because even with everything else being equal, people can have totally different results.

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