Studio Voyeurs (Share your desk!)

  • Okay, I am a studio voyeur.

    I love looking at artists desks and studios…

    I hope others do too so I can see! Pleeeeeze!

    I re-purposed very old cubes and such from my old architectural firm, and then inherited that bright blue case which once held video equipment, now holds most of my supplies (not large sheets or canvases.)

    Michael’s had cardboard boxes on sale and I bought a lot of them — indispensable!

    And finally, I do have another studio, for  our business, which is furniture:

    Love that painting! I don’t have a studio.  I just pile everything in front of my chair in front of the TV and that’s where I paint – my hubby feels left out if I go off somewhere to do art stuff.

    That is why my watercolor studio is in the upholstery studio — his — and I put up with fuzzy hairs thingies in the air.

    The other studio is for business so I must be separate…

    If I were using my art to make money, I’d definitely look for a separate space.  Although, I’m very good at blocking out the world when I’m really in the zone.

    Me too — tho often I am creating when I am also on the phones… Having to answer…  Taking pic for M.

    Looks very neat and organized!

    So, after reading your post, Kate, I quickly took photos of my studio. It’s messy. And this small bedroom (~9′ x 11′)  is used as the computer room as well as my art, tatting, sewing, and embroidery studio. I have cupboards and shelves and boxes and totes to store all my supplies. Normally the cupboard doors are all closed, but this last night I’d left them open, so I photoed them that way.

    My desk is an old salvage my husband found and dragged home for me. the top is porcelain so it’s very easy to clean up watercolour splashes and drips. It’s a cold surface to work on in winter, but nice on those hot summer days.

    Hope you enjoy your peek into my messy work space.

    Wow!!! Your studio looks like the professional artist’s studio!I love how you arranged your tools!Great!!!

    I tried to post my studio photos and comments, but it seems to have disappeared. Had trouble loading more than 1 photo, too.

    Dang!  try again… every site gets glitches!

    I took these images after I moved things aorund so VERY neat… tho I do keep my space clean every couple days.

    thanks — now you have to show yours!

    Here is mine – I love this room, and spend most of my time in here:

    studio desk

    On the right hand side of this desk, there is a wall of cubes containing paints, papers, pencils, fixatives, books and all sorts of other bits and pieces that I use for art and my various crafts (currently just a little bit overrun by Lego until I finish building some shelves to display it, but you can see there’s a lot of other stuff there too):

    And on the left hand side, a wall of yarn and fibre arts stuff (I am a fibre artist as well as a watercolourist and spend a lot of my time spinning, dyeing and knitting when I’m not painting):

    For a relatively small space (the entire room is only 9×11 feet) I have packed a lot in there! Oh, bonus gratuitous shot of self-appointed studio cat lol:

    You have a lovely space, Daniel.  I’d be jealous of all of you, except I suspect that even if I had a studio space I turn it into such a mess that I wouldn’t be able to use it, lol.

    This is really a lovely space Daniel!!!Looks very favourable to be creative 🙂

    Thank you, I really enjoy having a studio all to myself (well, except for the cat lol, he even sits there while I’m painting) 😀 It’s nice to have everything in easy reach and everything has a place, too.

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