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  • Hi my watercolor friends,

    I’m interested in swapping some of my Daniel Smith watercolors as half or full pans for high quality watercolors I don’t have in brands like Schmincke, Winsor & Newton Professional, Maimeri Blu, Sennelier, Holbein, Da Vinci, and even Daniel Smith colors I don’t have (mostly Primatek, warm yellows, warm reds, earth tones or unusual colors). Or I’m open to what you have. I have a lot more DS colors that I use more frequently, but am open to requests 🙂 and can make generous dot cards.

    I’m looking for colors that are fairly unique to each brand as I’m pretty stocked up on core palette colors. Pigments on my immediate wishlist include PY65, PY129, PY151, PY153, PY154, PO71, PR168, PR188, PR255, but all offers considered!

    I’d prefer to keep it to the US or maybe Canada to keep postage down, and swapping multiples instead of one for one, but again will consider anything. If you live in the Seattle area, I’d love to meet for coffee, watercolor geeking and swapping.

    These are the colors I have more of than I’ll probably ever need:

    DS Black Tourmaline Genuine
    DS Cadmium Orange, PO20
    DS Cascade Green, PBr7, PB15
    DS Cobalt Blue, PB28
    DS French Ultramarine, PB29
    DS Hansa Yellow Medium, PY97
    DS Imperial Purple, PB29, PV19
    DS Indigo, PB60, PBk6
    DS Moonglow, PG18, PB29, PR177
    DS Neutral Tint, PBk6, PV19, PB15
    DS Permanent Green Light, PY3, PG7
    DS Perylene Maroon, PR179
    DS Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), PB15:3
    DS Phthalo Turquoise, PB15:3,PG36
    DS Prussian Green, PB27, PY97
    DS Quinacridone Burnt Orange, PO48
    DS Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet, PR206
    DS Quinacridone Magenta, PR202
    DS Quinacridone Red, PV19
    DS Raw Umber, PBr7
    DS Viridian, PG18

    Looking forward to hearing about your watercolor stashes!


    I was just wondering if you were still looking to swap some Color’s ? You have a few that are definitely on my list and I know I’ve got a bunch you don’t have listed. If you are still interested I can compile a list of what I have I also have some duplicate full tubes as well as some sennelier aquarelle davinci and some granulating Color’s by a smaller brand the names escaping me at the moment lol

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