Swapping DS Neutral Tint

  • Hi,

    I recently bought a 5 ml tube of DS Neutral Tint that I quickly realised I don’t have much use for. Have not squeezed out much paint out of tube yet (I filled approx 1/2 a half pan, picture of tube can be arranged)

    IF anyone is interested in the tube or just wants to try a half pan then I would be delighted to swap with you! I’m interested in any Daniel Smith colour from series 1 that I don’t already have (see below for short list). I live in Europe (Sweden) but I don’t mind swapping with someone outside of Europe.

    Hope to swap with you soon!

    Best, Silvana


    Paints I already have:

    Buff Titanium, Indian Yellow, Quin Rose, Potter’s Pink, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Turquoise and Moonglow)


    I would love to swap a 1/2 pan with you! I live in the US, so I don’t think it would be a problem to send this to you. Here are the DS colors I have on hand:

    Ultramarine Blue =PB29
    Phthalo Blue GS – PB15:3
    Rose of Ultramarine – PB24, PV19
    Indigo – PB60, PBk6
    Cerulean Blue – PB35
    Undersea Green – PB29, PO48, PY150
    Burnt Sienna – PBr7
    Sepia – PBr7 PBk9
    Italian Burnt Sienna – PBr7
    Phthalo Green BS – PG7
    Phthalo Green YS – PG36
    Serpentine Green (Primatek)
    Cobalt Teal Blue – PG50
    Permanent orange – PO62
    Pyrrol Scarlet – PR255
    Quinacridone Lilac – PR122
    Alizarin Crimson – PR83
    Carbazole Violet – PV23
    Imperial Purple – PV19
    Hansa Yellow Light – PY3
    Hansa Yellow Deep – PY65
    Hansa Yellow Medium – PY97
    Yellow Ochre – PY43
    Green Gold – PY150, PY3, PG36
    Aussie Red Gold – PY83, PR101, PV10
    Payne’s Gray – PB29, PKk9

    Hi Jyll,


    I would be delighted to swap with you!

    I’m particularly interested in a 1/2 pan Pyrrol Scarlet. It is a series 3 though compared to my series 1 so that seems a little unfair. I’m willing to swap the entire tube for your 1/2 pan, if you’re interested in that.

    Let me know! 🙂


    Hi, Silvana!

    I’m excited about this! I will squeeze out the pan today and let it dry thoroughly before shipping.

    You don’t have to send your whole tube – 1/2 pan is fine 🙂 Could you perhaps spare a dot of Moonglow? I’d love to try that out!

    I will PM you my address if you do likewise.

    Take care!

    hi again,


    I sent you a pm with my details, and I’m happy to oblige with a dot of moonglow as well. Is it ok if I put the dot on a piece of paper (like a dot chart, but a bigger blob than the usual dot charts?)


    Yes, I like your dot description! Looking forward to this!


    Just chiming in to say Moonglow is such a fun color! I love to use it in abstract landscapes because of the unpredictable separation. Gives so much character! (DS Cascade Green is another favorite for the same reason.)

    Cascade green is actually another one on my ‘want to have’ list! I love the way that colour looks. Holding off from buying it only because I don’t paint that much yet, and I’m not sure if I would reach for it often… But as soon as I can find an excuse for buying it, I will! 😀

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