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  • I’ve been collecting a lot of paint over my brief foray into watercolor. I would love to swap some of my duplicates with other people. I live in mid-US for shipping considerations. I would be particularly interested in trying anything by DaVinci as it is one of the few brands I have never used.

    ETA: Depending on the brand, I have between 5-15ml. I may only be able to do one swap of smaller quantities. I would probably want to swap half pans.

    Color: PV209 Quin. Red/Coral

    Brands: Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton

    Color: PV19 Quin. Red/Rose

    Brands: American Journey, Winsor & Newton

    Color: PV19 Quin. Violet/Magenta

    Brands: Holbein, Winsor & Newton

    Color: PB29 Ultramarine

    Brands: Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Shinhan, Sennelier, Holbein


    not sure if you are still interested in swapping colors…

    let me know and we can share details



    Hi Trisha,

    What paint are you interested in swapping from your stash? I don’t think I’ve used up any of the ones I listed originally! 😀 Is there a specific brand or color of mine you were considering?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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