The Giant Introduction Thread Of Doomydoomdoom. (Or just introductions.)

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  • Respect? Dobie woulda wanted it, but Maynard wouldn’t know what to do with it, lol.


    Nice one, Sandra!

    Dear Friends,

    I am Saswati (Sash) presently living in Farmingtonhills, Detroit. I am from India and off course passionate (rather crazy) about art and love to learn. I got introduced to this beautiful world of Doodlewash through Charlie as I surprisingly got an offer to feature my works. That was an wonderful experience!! I found some lovely people here with whom I already acquainted but frankly speaking the introduction was needed! So this is a good way to mingle…

    I hope to get to know you all shortly…Oh and did I tell you all that I am not a lady of words so pardon my short introductory passage. I wish to continue the thread further!!

    Best Regards to Everybody…

    Happy Painting


    Thirty homes! I’vepractically got roots. I have lived in 7 homes, but mostly been within a 10-mile radius!

    Hello, My name is Tammy.  I just chanced upon Doodlewash. I learned how to paint watching Bob Ross and Alexander many,many years ago. Acrylic became my paint of choice and I started selling my art on ebay for 3 years. That was around the year 2000. I did that for 3 years but due to financial burdens I had to go get a paying job. I found I no longer had time to paint and more or less quit for 13 years. This last year I’ve had a renewed interest in it and have become quite fond of watercolor techniques and pen and ink. (Still learning these). Having found a wealth of painting tutorials on YouTube, I’m painting again with abandonment! Some of my favorite YouTube Artists are Steve Mitchell and Peter Shiller.  My art is popular with my co-workers which was really quite strange to me but anyway, stopped by here to unite with artists who also share the love of paint. I am well into my later years of life and painting is very relaxing although I still work also at my full-time job. That’s about it.

    Hello Tammy! Glad you made it here.

    Thanks, Looks like a big place. Hope I get the time to get the hang of it all. 😀


    Aww thanks so much, Mary! 😊 It’s my pleasure! This community rocks!! Such a fun group!

    DO it! DO it! hehe… I’m loving my sepia ink! Such a wonderful combo with watercolor.

    Welcome Tammy! So thrilled you found our big little community here! Hope you’ll have a blast!


    Friends, I’m Sharon and I’ve lived my entire life in the Los Angeles metro area. I’ve lived in the city, at the beach, and now in the suburbs. I’m a retired lawyer and part-time freelance writer. I painted in oils in high school and studied art history at UCLA.

    Four years ago, when I retired from the practice of law, I started taking drawing and painting classes at a local community college. I love drawing with graphite, pen and ink, and colored pencils. I like watercolor, but need to focus on improving my skills.

    I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot, including to many parts of the US and Canada. Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Portland, and Seattle are among my favorites (hello doodlewashers from those places).

    I love the outdoors and nature, road trips to national and state parks, hiking, the ocean, writing, poetry, music, and of course, art. I’m married to a software designer and have 2 grown children. I’m a product of  the clueless ’50s and the mind-blowing ’60s. I guess that makes me an aging boomer with a hippie heart.



    I so will weigh in… CRAZY busy, deadlines, three.

    Hello Sash, and welcome to this thread!  I sorry I missed your post earlier.

    Howdy, fellow ‘aging boomer with a hippe heart’!  Anyone who knows who Dobie Gillis is, is all right by me, lol.  I’m glad you joined in the introductions.  Elizabeth had a great idea!


    Sandra, somehow I knew you were a fellow traveller! I agree, this topic is great.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 110 total)
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