The Giant Introduction Thread Of Doomydoomdoom. (Or just introductions.)

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  • Welcome! I feel for you with the allergies, having had to give up several media myself.  With watercolor, the only pigment I’ve ever had trouble with is Burnt Sienna, and that varies by brand.  Fortunately, Quinacridone Burnt Orange is the hyped up version and doesn’t give me the same problem.




    Thanks for the heads up on the Burnt Sienna. I just bought a tube of it, so we’ll see how it goes. Nice to know I can fall back on the Quinacridone Burnt Orange if I need to. : )

    I haven’t had problems with the Da Vinci Burnt Sienna and haven’t tried the Daniel Smith version, so I hope you won’t have trouble with yours.



    Oh good! My Burnt Sienna is from Da Vinci, so maybe I’m OK. Fingers crossed…

    Hey all I’m Josh. I’m from Ohio, and I started looking at watercolor as a new hobby last week. I’m a computer and theology nerd who is finally accepting my creative side, and because I’ve always loved water color I decided that 2019 will be the year I am going to devote to learning how to paint… Well at least the basics… I am planning on starting the daily doodlewash challenge as soon as I am able to get some decent paints, decided I’m going to start with a W&N Cotman set due to price, but I was so excited to play with paint again (first time since middle school) that I bought a set of Crayola paints to hold me over until I am able to order them next weekend.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to share my paintings since I don’t have a camera or a scanner. Going to have to get something. 🙂

    Hi Josh! Welcome to Doodlewash.  Do you have a library nearby? You might see if they have a scanner and what they charge to scan.  It used to be here that you could scan a certain number free.  Probably not true any more, but the price might be reasonable enough to be cheaper than a camera or scanner.


    Hi Josh, I know you didn’t ask for opinions, but here is mine anyway. Play with your crayolas for a while and save up for three primary colours of good artists paint in tubes. Da Vinci or Daniel Smith or M. Graham are  US made and excellent paints. Then add a tube at a time as you can afford it. One decent #6 or 8 round brush and some paper, and you are good to go. Have fun!

    Hi Julia, I was thinking about getting just three colors, but I don’t know which three to get so I’m planning on getting the Cotman sketcher’s pocket box from amazon $12.99 is a no brainier to play with for a while to start to build technique, then order a dot set from Daniel Smith and Da Vinci to pick colors from when I start to get low. So I will know I like what I am buying when I move up to the better paints.

    Hi again Josh, For help choosing colours lot of people use Jane Blundell’s site, as she has recommendations for various colour palettes. . If I was starting over, I would pick Hansa Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue and Quinachridone Rose (cool red) or Pyrrol Red (warm red). Hope these give you some ideas to start. I was overwhelmed in the beginning, with so many choices.

    I’ve spent a lot of time reading that site. Especially the page on color triads. The downside of looking at colors on a computer screen is that you can’t be sure that what you see is what you will get. I’m planning on only unwrapping 4 of the half pans specifically lemon yellow hue, alizarin crimson, phthalo blue, and burnt sienna to start with, and go from there to force me to use a color triad with a brown to start.

    What an excellent idea Josh! Keep posting your work. We look forward to seeing your progress!

    All I know is I’m glad I joined here. I went looking for inspiration in the form of daily exercises, and appear to have found a community. So far everyone I have interacted with has been so encouraging. I’m looking forward to this journey. I know I can’t draw or paint now, but I also know that it is because of lack of practice.

    Thanks for complimenting my idea, but whether it’s a good one or not time will tell. It’s just the one I like because it’s affordable, and will allow me to go out in nature and paint as well once it warms up in the spring.  Although an Altoids tin or similar palette is probably in my future as soon as I get an idea of the colors I like! Well I’m off to try and figure out balloons. 🙂

    So thrilled you joined us on Doodlewash, Joshua! I’m excited for your art journey and can’t wait to see what you’ll make! Just so you know, you can also earn DO Points on Doodlewash when you post and interact with others. These can be redeemed in the shop and it looks like you’re just a few points away from a Winsor & Newton Professional watercolor sample set! 😉 Be sure to grab one of those when you get 75 points:

    Happy Painting my friend! Charlie O.

    @joshua, It is also possible for members to give away DO points to other members.  I have a HUGE number of points.  While I encourage you to continue interacting and building up points of your own, for those times when new things are added, I’ll give you 725 points if you wish.  That would be enough for you to get the W&N dots, the Da Vinci dots and to take Angela Fehr’s Floral class from the DO shop, if you wish.


    Hi I am Yvonne and I live in rural NZ, with my husband, 3 alpacas, 1 cat and dog and about 300 cherry trees.  I started to learn to draw 3 years ago and now trying my hand at watercolors.  I am currently taking part in sketchbook revival.

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