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  • Hi Yvonne! So wonderful to see you here! Welcome! And yay to trying watercolor! I adore it… it’s by far my favorite way to color. (and 3 alpacas?? that’s awesome! I love them!). Can’t wait to see what you’ll make! 😃

    Hello Yvonne!  With the current cost of cherries, having 300 trees would be marvelous! I’m afraid I would eat the entire crop, though!

    Hi all! Doodle noob here (well new to doodlewash) my name is Jen, I live in the UK, I love water colour, dabble in acrylics, love to sketch and draw! I’m also a keen photographer so have plenty of chances to capture shots for images I’d like to paint.


    Looki g forward to seeing all your work


    Jen x

    Hello, Jen! So wonderful to meet you! Welcome! I started out in photography (it was my first ever blog… hehe). Thrilled you joined us!

    Hi Jen and welcome.

    Hey folks! I heard about Mr O’Shields’ Doodlewash site through Karen Abend’s Sketchbook Revival (which is responsible for me doing art every single day for just about a month at this point, a new achievement!). I’ve been a sketcher and a watercolourist off and on for years. I love how forgiving watercolour is, and I love to watch the colours just do whatever they want sometimes.

    I look forward to meeting you all and maayyybe even showing some of my stuff for some improvement advice… But at any rate I’m happy to be here.

    Glad to learn a little more about you!

    Hey y’all, I’m Chloe. I’ve really dived into art this year, prioritising it in my life. I’ve been sketching and drawing since I was about 10, but breaks happen and I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in my free time. I’ve recently injured my shoulder (about a month and a half ago) which has left me a lot MORE free time in which to obsess about art (since I can’t workout too much or intensely – I’ve just been hiking with painting materials, but normally I rock climb, teach pole dance, do aerial sports, and normal gym). I work in admin, and currently live in the PNW, but I’m working on my partner visa for Australia, so I’ll be there in about the next year or so!

    Glad to meet you, Chloe.  Your visit to Australia sounds exciting. One place I’ve never visited and always wanted to go.


    I’m from Maine. Brand new to watercolor but love it so far. My husband indulges me in any creative thing I want to do! I taught dry flower design and we grew the flowers here. I have made and sold over 150 Waldorf dolls.  I raised 6 children and several foster children. I have 13 grandchildren.  I never did anything creative until my late 40s. I had a beautiful herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats until I retired.  My son and family moved in with us three years ago and so I no longer have to cook or clean (except our bedroom and bath).  I decided I wanted to try watercolor about a month ago and I paint everyday. I am soaking up knowledge as fast as I can and am having a blast. However I am fearless or crazy and will try painting anything! Practice! Practice! Practice!!  It took some time to realise I needed to keep it simple and not have every detail in the picture. I am glad to have found this group. I still don’t know how the friend thing works but Sandra, I’d love to be your friend. And anyone else as well. Just guide me through the process.

    Jan Beane  watercolor beginner from Maine


    Hi Jan.  We are friends already! I try to friend all the new members.  The main advantage of being a friend is that it is easier to see what they’ve been doing.  If you haven’t already, go to the top – Click on the Round Icon next to the shopping cart. From the drop-down menu, click on Friends.  That will open a window showing all your friends.  Click on the name of the Friend you are looking for, and you’ll be taken to their page and can see what they’ve been posting.

    If you want to request a friendship, click on the person’s name.  You’ll be taken to their page and on their profile banner, you’ll see an ‘Add Friend’ button.  Click on that.  The person will receive a message and can decide to accept or decline the request.

    If you haven’t already found it, there is a thread in the Clubhouse forum with advice from members on how to use the site.  You can find it here.

    Wonderful to meet you Chloe! Hope your shoulder gets better soon! Yet thrilled you’ve developed an obsession for art in the meantime. hehe That’s fantastic indeed! 🙂

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Cristina. I’ve been a member for a short while but I haven’t really been active here until now. I have been more active on Instagram though, since I decided to participate in the World Watercolor Month I have posted my “art” almost every day, following Charlie’s prompt lists.

    I used to draw as a kid and I used to get watercolor pencils and wc paints for my birthdays, but for some reason I lost interest, don’t know why. Until two years ago I decided to try again.

    When I go to museums I always preferred the watercolor paintings to the oil or acrylic ones, they are so brilliant and vibrant and shiny. Also they seem to me the easiest to use when it comes to preparing a painting session. All you need is the paint, paper and a brush and the brush is so easy to clean. I guess I’m a bit lazy 😉

    So I tried Watercolours and spent hours and hours reading (Handprint) watching YouTube tutorials (The mind of watercolor) and painting of course, and I just really love painting with watercolours. I get frustrated and less motivated at times but since I joined Doodlewash I find it easier to stay motivated and just paint, even when I’m tired or not in the mood.

    So I am happy to be here! 😀 See you around!


    Welcome Christina! It sounds as though we’re much alike, at least as far as art goes.  I don’t always follow the prompts because I usually have several projects going, but when my mojo fades they provide a good way to keep going.  I look forward to enjoying your work as time goes on!

    Thanks! The prompt lists are really great! 🙂



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