Travel Brush opinions?

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  • Oh my, those are smashingly pretty, aren’t they? Definitely drool worthy and probably excellent quality to boot. Right now, I’m repeatedly thinking to myself… “Tonya, you do NOT need any more brushes.”

    Thanks for the link, Jill! I’ll bookmark it, just in case. ha!

    Tonya L – Zecchi has an English version of the web site (just click on the UK flag icon in the upper left corner)…  but alas no UK retail source for their brushes… which now I’m totally coveting (Confession: I think I have a brush fetish ;(.  )

    E.K. –  are the brushes retractable as the site implies or are the cases reversible as is common with travel brushes?

    Thanks for letting me know about the English version of their site. I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out to me. I’m actually in the States, but if they aren’t available in the U.K., I’m quite certain that I can’t find them here. It’s probably for my own protection. ha! I’m totally raising my hand along with you with that brush covet fetish issue. Though I probably have a slight addiction problem with every watercolor supply, especially those pretty, high-quality finds like these brushes!

    Tonya – I am in the states too (NY) but have been able to order supplies here and there from the UK without issue…  Anyway, I succumbed… emailed them this afternoon about whether they ship here and what the total costs would be….. 😉

    I see Jill already posted the link (thank you, Jill!).  They are lovely.  The little box feels so nice in one’s hand.  If you contact them, they reply nearly immediately and ship it very well packed.  One can never have too many travel brush sets 😉

    Hi Peggy, I’m glad you emailed them!  They are more reversible rather than retractable (translation issue).  I think that, like many Mediterranean coastal cities, they close for August, but maybe you will reach them in time!  I also have some of their charcoal.  I can’t speak of their materials highly enough.  I’d love to buy their pigments sometime…but of course, these items are very dear…  I hope you’re able to give the brush set a try 🙂  -Erin

    Hi Jill, they do ship to the US – they’ve shipped several (ahem, lol) packages to me! The link  you so kindly provided is indeed the set I have.  Just got a 10-wk-old puppy and have been a little slow replying 🙂  – Erin

    Oh wow!! Those brushes are gorgeous!! Looks like I’ve just started my Christmas list!! 😊hehe Yay!

    Oh Erin, you’re not supposed to be encouraging the addict to acquire! ha ha! These travel brushes really are a treat. Thanks for sharing this amazing company with us.

    Let me know what you find out, Peggy. I’m with Charlie… these would look great on my Christmas list.

    Tonya / Erin – Well not only do they ship to the US but are very fast about it… they emailed me back as soon as they opened today with pricing including shipping and had checked inventory (they had 2-3 sets left) and as soon as I responded that I wanted a set, they sent me a link to pay by credit card on an Italian e-commerce site… within minutes, they notified me that my order was shipping tomorrow!

    [Score another one for the #brushfetish 😉 ]

    Amazing! Not to open up Pandora’s box… but did anyone else notice that their handmade watercolor paper. My budget may take a massive hit with this order. 🙂 Do you mind sharing how much shipping cost for the brushes, Peggy?

    Erin – How did you happen to find Zecchi’s?  Did you paint in Florence?

    Tonya – not at all… the charge just came through on my Amex  … the whole thing with shipping came to US$125.72 (the e-commerce site was in Euros so I don’t really have a good idea of the breakdown ;).  They ship DHL… I have no idea what the transit timeframe from Italy is, but I asked them in my email to ship before they went on August break and they said “no problem”…

    I did notice those papers…. AND their lapis lazuli pigment….  has anyone tried their watercolors ?



    Thank you so much, Peggy. That’s actually a pretty fair price for quality Kolinsky sable. I’m a sable person. It’s nearly all I use to paint, so after you have time to try them out, please come back and share your opinion about them.

    Ooch, I saw those watercolors also. Covet covet covet. 😀 Have fun painting!

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