Travel Brush opinions?

  • Hi Kate – I can vouch for the Perla synthetic but it’s not got particularly good water holding capabilities for washes / covering larger areas. Tonya’s suggestion sounds like more of an all rounder!

    I want to try these! They look great! @jessicaseacrest got some from Cheap Joe’s and did a review on them here (she really liked them!):

    Thanks y’all!  Checking it out!

    I think it also depends on what your painting style is. When I want to do loose style with lots of water (mainly landscapes), I love a bigger round sable brush and use my Rosemary&Co’s Pocket pure Kolinsky sable as well as the squirrel mop, as they hold so much water. They are *very* difficult to get back into their caps dry without damaging them though, so I tend to put them away slightly damp and they dry in the cap thanks to the small hole in the bottom of the cap.

    However, my personal favourite painting style is realistic, and for that I need a good point, a brush that’s not too soft and a lot of snap – a smaller synthetic usually. In this case, I think my favourites are the DaVinci Cosmo Top Spin (synthetic) travel brush 1573 series. I have a size 4, 6, 10 set that I use almost every day. They may not hold as much water as the sables, but they have served me well and are my favourite travel brushes by far. I also really appreciate the fact that the top cap’s hole is bigger than some of the travel brushes I’ve tried, making it easier to insert the brush without messing up the hairs (I just wipe the bristles gently with a paper towel and they insert easily, keeping their shape).



    I did not know Cosmotops came as Travel brushes.   So far they are my favorite brushes, period.  There is an amazing offer on Amazon if you check the coupon box — a 4,10 and 6 for $40.  Thanks you!

    Kate, this is definitely tickling my brush fetish ;(. Never used those – are they synthetics or a blend.  how do they paint?

    Beverly, this is excellent, spot-on advice. I use a variety of natural and synthetic. What I’m using at the moment usually depends on what I’m painting. Thanks for mentioning this!

    These are extremely popular brushes and though I love many synthetics, the Cosmotop was too stiff for my taste. It’s all just personal preference!

    I love to use a variety of natural & synthetics, and I try to be careful to not categorize either as “good” or “bad.” Synthetics don’t use animal hair and are typically more affordable, but they are horrendous for our environment.

    I prefer the Miller (Cheap Joe’s) Pseudo Sable or the Loew-Cornell Golden Taklons (series 7020 & 7000) for my synthetics and find they work better in my hand than the Cosmotop. Only the Pseudo Sables come in a travel size. Somewhere up above, there’s a link to my review of the Pseudo Sable. I also have a review of the LCs on my blog.

    I am not categorizing any choice as good or bad, and frankly, the only way to not harm the environment is to do sit meditation all day!  Cleansers, pigments (in our water supply), iridescent paints (also bad for aquatic life), and even paper company’s manufacturing practices have poor environmental impact (not Hahnemuhle, a big plus for me.)  For myself, I choose to use animal products where the entire animal is used, and so avoid certain brushes.  I have synthetics which are still good for artist painting after many years, and then move to the conservation business where they are used for restoration of antiquities in everything from glues to historic paint applications — a long life.  Recycle, recyle, recycle!

    I loved the older Leow-Cornells but am so-so about the Golden Taklon series, too soft, though I have two rounds I haven’t sent on to their second life.  It is so nice to be able to try a brush out, and wish more stores would allow it!  I have Joe’s on my list to try.


    Totally get what you are saying, Kate! So sorry if my comment came across as if I was referring to you. Just a general comment about categorizing things as good or bad based on one factor, not as a reaction to your question. I like the way you have found a nice balance and laughed at your ecofriendly meditation remark. 😄 Anyway, wouldn’t things be so much easier if we could sit down over tea and compare brushes? Again, many apologies if I sounded preachy.

    Its really great to hear your input about how you think the LC brushes are too soft. You may not like the Pseudo sables then. I think they may be a touch softer than the LC brushes.

    Fascinating how we all enjoy different things! Love that about this world… our glorious differences. Thanks for opening up.

    No problem… and yes, tea and paint!

    Hi Peggy, was replying and the internet ate it!

    Yes, synthetic, and I like their oval wash best because it holds a good amount of water — not the very best but to have one brush with me — and yet has enough point/stiffness for precision.  I have two of these and love them.  No travel size of this, though I might cut one for the toothbrush holder I carry. 

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