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    I’m starting this topic because the other thread on this topic is becoming so long it takes forever to get to the new stuff.


    I highly recommend doodlewasher Kate Powell’s new video on her blog, a tutorial on using ink like watercolor. https://dkatiepowellart.me/2017/10/29/hahnemuhle-post-cards-vlog-gardenia/comment-page-1/#comment-8506

    I agree.  It’s an excellent video.

    Maybe it would be a good idea with this topic to make it specific to the month or apply some other kind of limit.  That way once the thread gets too long a new one would get started.

    Iulia Carchelan just posted a new video with a giveaway! (What am I doing telling you this?!  That means less chance of me winning her painting! Arrrgh! {shakes head, smacks hand against forehead} WWIT?)  lol

    I love watching her paint wet-in-wet!

    Thank you for the link, Susan!


    Thanks for this. I was unfamiliar with this artist.

    I love to watch her paint! I tried to do a wet-in-wet sort of in her style, and it was quite difficult to do. Of course, mine wasn’t anywhere near as detailed and beautiful as hers. I was pleased with the outcome, though.

    You’re most welcome! Good luck on the giveaway.

    It’s beautiful, Susan!  Do you know if you were using the same paper, brush & paints that she was? Those things don’t matter as much to an experienced watercolorist, but some products work better than others and it’s easier if you have the right stuff.

    I have did an experiment that really came out pretty amazing and at the same time have been very educational.  I have taken my old Chalky pastels and convert them into watercolors.  Its a wonderful experience just by going through the process which I explain in detail in a PDF you can find in my Web Site… https://waltpierl.wixsite.com/waltartgallery

    Once you have enter to my Web Site just go directly to Contact Me and the PDF will be right on the left of the screen.  Just click it and it will open and you will be able to download it, read it just there, and actually printed.  No Cost at all, just want to share my experience with this….  Hope you like this and try it..

    Thank you Anon!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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