Uloochi, anyone?

  • Anyone ever heard of a brand called Uloochi?  I came across this on Ebay (I’ve got to quit trawling there – I keep finding things.  I’ve been good.  Only spent $2.71 so far).

    Anyway, I came across this Uloochi set for $17.79.  I suspect the paints are real cheapies, but this might be worth the price for the tin. It even looks like the edges of the wing are rolled.  I don’t intend to buy it, but now I’m interested to know about the brand.



    Never heard of. Where are they made?

    I’m not sure.  They have an online store on Amazon, and there are some waterbrushes labeled as Uloochi ProArt so I’m assuming some tie in with that brand.  I may spend some more time researching, but I was hoping someone here might know something.  The paint set pictured is even cheaper on Amazon at $14.99.


    Nice tin, though.

    That’s what I thought.  The price is almost worth it just for the tin.  If I hadn’t just bought the Schmincke set, I’d buy this.

    This set cannot be worse than this dang Schminke set….

    It’s sad that after all the excitement so many people were unhappy with that set.  I may be the only one who liked the colors – no, wait, I think Tonya liked them as well.  Two out of many.

    Hi! I don’t know that brand but if you are interested in the tin, some months ago I bought a generic empty palette similar to that one on ebay and then i filled the pans with my watercolor tubes and let them dry, and it works perfect for me, so i’d recommend it… i leave the link below 🙂


    Thank you for the link, Victor.  Those are good prices for the tins.

    holy cow, now that’s a good price!

    Jennifer, did you notice that there is actually a choice to two tins? One holds 12 for $6.98 and the other holds 24 at 24 for $11.98.  Still a good price.  Better than the Uloochi for sure!

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