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  • I created a new account so that someone will see this. I emailed my problem to the contact address and have heard nothing. I created my original account via my Google account. There is no option to login with Google any more. So I have no access to my account. I’ve uploaded artwork and I have DO points I have earned that I’d like to make use of. I went to the length of making a Facebook account in order to seek help from all of you.

    I have loved Doodlewash up until this point. Now it gives me a twinge in my guts to think I may have lost my ability to interact with the community as I was doing before. Art is supposed to make you happy, not sad.

    I hope somebody can give me some advice.

    Nothing to worry about! Doodlewash just moved to a traditional login. Simply use the SAME email you use for your Google account that your signed in with as your username. Then click, Lost Your Password and set a new one. Then you’re all ready to log in! Just let me know if you have any trouble!

    Thank you, Mr O’Shields. I will try that.

    I see on the page there is a login link with google, but when I entered the email with the google password into the form, it did not receive, does anyone know how to fix it?

    Actually, Google Login is no longer available, only Facebook for social login. If you previously used Google to login, just use your email as your username and then you can click “Lost your password” to reset it if you need and log in using those credentials.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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