Van Gogh Watercolors

  • I feel like since finishing my pear comparison on my blog yesterday, I want to shout from the rooftops just how good Van Gogh “student” watercolors are!! Holy cow, go look at the comparison, it’s stunning. They sell these sets for as cheaply as they do Koi and those other lesser grade paints but these should NOT be called student grade, there really should be a special category. I won the set here on #WWM. Here’s the blog post, if you’re thinking of a travel palette or upgrading student paint on a budget, try these. Seriously, who knew there WAS non professional grade paint THIS GOOD??!

    Van Gogh Watercolor Test

    Van Gogh Pear

    I was thinking about buying this set, but I think I’ll have to wait and save up for the Schminke set instead.

    great choice Sandra. You’re already using professional watercolors so Van Gogh would be a tiny step down. The only reason to get this set is to travel with it then you don’t have to worry about losing an expensive set worth hundreds including all the paint! This  set is PERFECT for anyone beginning and confused about paint, or for travel as I said. They’re the best by far for student paint. BY FAR. Shouldn’t even be in the same category with Koi and Cotman. (in my opinion, I started with Cotman and hated them)

    Yeah.  I already have quite a few student sets.  The Lukas Aquarell is my favorite of those.

    Thanks, Jennifer. I often recommend paints to beginners, so your opinion is super helpful!

    you’re so welcome. I was so surprised at their quality.

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