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  • Augh! I put in my order just a little too early.  Hopefully, the coupon will still be available the next time I order.

    Thanks so much with the shipping info! I’ll be checking your site out!


    Hi everyone amd thanks to Tom for posting his lovely work on our paper. It’s great for a non-artist like me to see how the papers are used.

    Here’s an interesting thing that’s been done on the same paper Tom’s used. This is called ‘marbling’ and it’s a decorative technique most often used in bookbinding. In very very simplistic terms, paints are floated on the surface of water in a tray and then agitated into patterns. The paper is then laid onto the surface and pulled off – the paints transfer onto the surface of the paper. Not exactly watercolor but water and colour so…!


    marbling on WSH 300 mould made paper


    Hope you like that and happy holidays to our American friends!


    Best wishes, William

    Owner, Vintage Paper Co.

    Beautiful! I can see where this would be great for making covers for bookbinding!

    Well, I ended up doing four paintings with William’s vintage papers and enjoyed using them.  You have to work with them rather than just PAINTING – they are a little more absorbent, but the textures you end up with are very interesting – great for those who like granulation.  I keep going back to my usual Saunders Waterford “Not” paper as well and in some ways its a bit of a relief as its easier to work with but then I get drawn back to this 60 year old paper with its visible cotton fibres – there seems something almost “organic” in it.

    I’ll just put up one more painting on vintage paper and then I think I’ve said enough on that topic!

    Dungeness fishing

    A beautiful painting, Tom.  I can see the bright colors – I’ve been finding that on the vintage papers I’m using.  Even though the paint dries quickly, it dries bright.

    That was my experience too Sandra.  My wife said, why don’t I paint that boldly all the time!

    Lol! If you buy more vintage paper you can tell her it is so you can paint more boldly for her.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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