Viviva Watercolor Sheets

  • I reviewed Viviva Colorsheets, similar to Peerless.  I bought them — they did not request this review, full disclosure (not that it would make a difference.)  I have my bias as a painter since I like juicy washes, but I like their putup better than Peerless.  Fits in the palm of your hand, very nice for tucking into a small bag or pocket with a tiny sketchbook.

    That is a Nostalgie Journal, A5 sized.  I did the following for Inktober, and painted it using Viviva.

    For more read the (longer) blog post:

    Have you tried them?  Do you like Peerless?


    Great review.  I have tried Peerless, and they are okay for what they are, but I couldn’t tell you where my set is at the moment.  I hardly used them beyond testing.  The Vivivia sound interesting and if I were looking for a daily carry that I could fit in a purse or backpack, I’d check them out.

    I got them as well and enjoy them.  I’m only using them for inside a journal or sketchbook since I don’t think they would hold up to light very well.

    I love the compact size and intense colors.


    Y’know, I mentioned this elsewhere (FB, I think), but I kind of hate these.  They’re messy, don’t mix well, and don’t re-wet (probably because they’re dried dye, not pigment).  The colors are vaguely garish, and, pettily, it annoys me how they marketed them as this revolutionary new thing when Peerless has been doing it (and doing it better) for over a century now.

    Then again, I kind of love Peerless, so a competing product would have to jump a pretty high bar to get good marks from me.

    Crap.  I’m the german olympic judge, aren’t I?  10! 10! 10! 3.4. 10!

    See I’ve not tried much of Peerless because I’m not a sheet person.  A friend sent me some but meh… loose sheets.  I was on my back after the botched doctor cut me.

    I found these streaky at first then got used to them, but they are a lot of work.

    I agree with you on the marketing thing… I thought the same thing.

    And who am I to argue with the German Olympic Judge of sheet watercolors!

    Write a review of Peerless and get more points!

    Points!  You’re speaking my language.  (External motivation FTW! :D)

    I cut up my peerless and put them in a traveller’s notebook sized folder dealie.  That and a waterbrush, and I’m never without a sketchbook, since my TN is my wallet.  It’s a convenience thing for me.  (I believe they’re also dye based, but rewet a little better than the Viviva.)

    Sorry about the botched doctor, btw.  May he get fleas in his sensitive bits.

    Kate, Elizabeth, not only do I learn exciting new things about art supplies, I get my laughs for the day trawling through this site!

    Kate,  When we get together, I will try to remember and bring the strips that I cut from my Peerless sheets.  I can’t find the actual sheets.  They are old, but I think the dye is still good.  They might be enough to let you know if you want to look into them further.

    I think very un-Buddhist thangs about him frequently…

    We were talking about the portability of the Peerless:

    This is what I do with mine.  I made this out of a file folder, sized to go into my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, for which I made watercolor paper inserts one day when I was clearly super bored.  😀

    peerless setup


    LOL, Elizabeth.

    That is a good idea… And I like them better than markers!

    Excellent way to use them.  I have something similar except I used the pocket that was in the back of one of my watercolor journals.

    I got a packet of these for Christmas and wondered about them. Sandra sent me over😄. Interesting comments, thank you. Now I’m anxious to give them a try.

    This is a link to another review online. Looks like she uses these for fun stuff like cards and not serious paintings.  Now I can’t wai tot give them a try.

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