Viviva Watercolor Sheets

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  • I SO wanted to like Peerless because they sounded like such a great idea but they were just awkward. Nice colors but harder to move around. I guess I’m just addicted to watercolors in half and full pans and I’m wasted on other forms, lol.

    Results on testing my Viviva color sheets.
    There are 16 very bright colors, crimson, deep pink,vermillion, dusk orange, chrome yellow, gold ochre, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, light green, sap green, Viridian, peacock blue, Persian blue, violet, magenta, and slate black.
    Each color block is about 2×1-½ inch and seems to hold a lot of color in a dried form.
    They wet and cover well with very little water needed.
    I did the first test on Stillman&birn gray toned paper. (I used Daniel Smith white for the flower) and then marked each color as I used them. They blended together nicely.
    I did the second test on Arches 140# CP to see how wet on wet worked.
    Thoughts: I love the brightness of the colors. In fact they are very staining and I have colored fingers to prove it😄
    The portability is great but don’t close it until they are dry. There is a protective sheet between the colors.
    I still want to take them out sketching but I think it might be a bit awkward holding it and painting.
    Bottom line? They are fun and I will still play with them, but I would not buy more in the future.

    i don’t know how to put the images on here so I’ll put them on my page.

    Teri, it sounds like you have much the same thoughts about these sheets as I do.  I used the Peerless rather than the Vivia, but I think they are about the same.

    By the way, to add images here, click on the ‘mountain’ icon at the end of the icon bar above.  That’s true where-ever you are on the site.  The paintbrush icon will add your image to the member’s photo gallery, but the mountain icon will only add it to the post you are writing in.

    I finally received my Viviva color sheets the other day, so I’m just getting to try them now. I feel the same way about them, as Teri does.

    They are very staining vibrant colour sheets. The colour tabs on the bottom of each sheet make each shade easier to find. I especially love the peacock blue. I do find the burnt umber and burnt sienna are a little too similar; would have preferred it if a cooler brown was included. I don’t like having to wait until each sheet is dry before turning the page or closing the booklet, though the waxed paper in between helps a bit.

    The concept is kind of neat. I got mine in the little personalized wooden carry case, which does make them slightly heavier/bulkier to carry than they would be on their own. All in all, with the wood case, it weighs almost the same and takes up about as much space as my small travel palette. So I’d much rather take my travel palette and have my favourite watercolour pans with me.

    I’ll use these once in a while for quick little sketches and cards, but most likely will not buy them again.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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