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  • Hell all

    i have never tried watercolour, I am eager to try urban sketching and using watercolour,I would be very grateful if someone could give me some advise on which watercolour brand I should buy.

    Without knowing what your level of artistic knowledge is, what you are willing to spend and what brands are available where you live, it’s difficult to give one specific brand.

    Three brands that I know are good and widely available are:

    Winsor & Newton


    White Nights/St Petersburg/Yarka (paints from the same company)

    Of these three, Winsor & Newton is the best and most expensive, Yarka is the cheapest, but still decent.  They also market sets of 8 and 12 pan sets meant for school children that are surprisingly decent.  If you are a total beginner to art theory and cost is an issue, one of these school sets would be my recommendation. If cost isn’t an issue, they would NOT be my recommendation.

    There are many other good brands. Daniel Smith is my go-to, but mainly because of their wide selection, which isn’t necessary for a beginner.

    Have you looked over the reviews here at Doodlewash? https://doodlewash.com/art-supply-reviews/



    Hi Sandra

    thank you for the info, your are a font of knowledge, I do not mind what I pay, I just want a set that is good, I think I might have a look at winsor Newton. One again thanks




    First of all – @stevep80 thank you so much for your question because of it I would have never realized there was a forum like this. Second @sandra-strait thank you so much for your help all the time. So lucky to have you here 🙂

    Thank you, @Zoie! If you go up to Community above, you’ll find ‘Art Forums’ in the drop-down menu.  There are lots of conversations and various kinds of information. The forums used to be quite active, but people have seemed to drop away from them.  It would be nice to see them used again.

    I will have to see what I can do about that 😉.

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