Watercolor ACEO cards

  • I had never even heard of ACEO cards until about a week ago. They sound like a fun challenge, but I read their time has come and gone. Do you all feel that way? I think I was designing quilt patterns during the time they were hot, so I missed out. I’ll try to do a few, but is there a market for them on Etsy or elsewhere? Thanks!

    I traded ATCs for years, which are essentially the same thing as ACEOs except you are only supposed to trade them instead of sell them.

    Right now, in America at least, minimizing and living in smaller spaces is trendy so there should be a good market for miniature art.  I’d recommend marketing your work as miniature as well as ACEO.

    I’d say go for it.  Create a few pieces and see what happens.

    Thanks Sandra, I think your hubby lunch art would sell like hotcakes!

    Thank you! I’d have to pry them from hubby’s dead, cold fingers though.  He’s very possessive of them, lol.

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