Week 7 Diary of the Art Group

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  • Week 7
    Thursday was another morning of amazing discoveries with all the lovely leaves which emerged  from the pencils  of my  students.  I  had 6 of 10 as 4 had other commitments,  but I did have a return of a student who changed his  mind about giving up,   which was a lovely surprise.  next week I could have a full dozen as I have had someone else who says she wants to come,  no more intake this year, as I will have to arrange a larger hall for next year.  I already have a lady who popped in to find out what we were doing and put her name down for January,
    Next week we are doing an abstract, and as you all know I don’t do abstract,   so it might be a case of wet in wet with lots of colours thrown in and then stand back and see what happens,   All good fun!!!

    That’s awesome, Tao! And particularly love the student who didn’t give up after all! That makes me so happy to hear! 😍

    Thank you so much Charlie  for your lovely comments

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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