Week Four's Diary of my Art Group

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  • Week four’s diary
    Todays class was again about playing with paint and water.  My mistake was giving the class a smooth paper to do wet on wet , which we all know it doesn’t  work very well.  But it worked well because it did  teach us all what happens when you use the wrong paper, changing the paper showed a great improvement in the end results of skies and trees etc.   We also had another new member who was mesmerised by what we were doing,  although she came to learn how to draw ended up going home with some pretty colours on paper.
    Comments made during questions about was the class what they expected,  most said no, but much more fun and lots of hints on what to do and what to avoid, which personally I don’t remember having when I first started.   But it is good to share and have the courage to ask all sorts of questions, that might not be appropriate at the beginning but will be needed at a later date.  As they all seem to keep returning I must be doing something right.
    As for my hand I am going to have a minor surgery as soon as possible,  which should sort it out.  See you all soon

    It’s wonderful that you ask for feedback from your class and are open to listening. It makes for better students and a better teacher and more fun for everyone.  Good luck with your hand!

    Thank you so much Sandra for your lovely comments

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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