What do you want to learn more in watercolor?

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    Elisa Ang

    Hi, Everyone! 🙂

    I’m Elisa and I love watercolor painting. I share watercolor demonstration over here in Harmony Thoughts in Youtube. Currently, I am working on watercolor classes and I need your help to know–

    • What do you want to learn more about watercolor?
    • What are your struggles in watercolor painting?
    • Which techniques or aspects in watercolor you wish the demos (i.e. you watch in Youtube) could have been clearer?

    Those are just guide questions. Feel free to share and let me know in the comments! Appreciate your feedback! Thank you. 🙂


    Good question….

    Elizabeth Metz

    When to stop.

    I get to having fun being all splashy and end up covering ALL THE PAPER, which ends up looking like white doesn’t exist.

    How do you know when it’s done?  And is there a way to fix it if you’re just having waaaaay too much fun?


    Well this is going to sound waaaay woo-woo, but I have a muse voice that tells me.  If I listen, which takes discipline!


    I’d like to learn more about the use of specific kinds of brushes. Also, detail on how to hold and move the brush for various effects.

    Elisa Ang

    Thanks so much everyone for your inputs! Your questions inspire me as I work on this class.

    : Thanks for sharing your experience! I, too, get carried away easily. I believe in the discipline especially to step out and let the painting rest for the day. Come back the next day and usually you will always declare it finish unless you’re literally not yet finish. 😉

    Darina Valášková

    Hello Elisa

    Here I was painting my granddaughter. Behind her is a wall with leaves. How to paint an illusion,
    that the wall is two meters behind the granddaughter. Here it looks like the granddaughter is pressed in sheets.

    Elisa Ang

    Hi, Darina! Thank you for reaching out. I wanted to tell you that I like the smile on your grand daughter’s portrait. The way to create depth in your painting is to paint in tonal values–light and dark of colors. Perhaps, the foreground leaves could be darker then the background leaves lighter. I can see how you were trying to achieve that. Also, shadow lines around the portrait to create a separation. When you paint the shadow line, you can soften it with water so that it blends into the background. Remember that layering will need you to make sure the initial layers are dry before you add.  I have noted about your concern for my watercolor class. I hope it helps you a bit? If you need an example, I can make one for you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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