YouTubers you subscribe to?

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  • There are a ton of individual videos I’ve got saved for future reviewing or from which I’ve gleaned some useful ideas, but only a handful or two of folks to which I actually subscribe, because they consistently put out good stuff.

    I’m always looking for more.

    Your favorites?  (I’ll post mine in a bit.)


    Teoh Yi Chie, The Mind of Watercolor, Minnie Small, Eve’s Bolt – Bolt’s Vault, the frugal crafter, for starters

    Oooh, I haven’t found Bolt’s Vault yet.

    Might be a good night for video. 🙂

    Great subject.  Following.

    Since I post a link list of resources for tangles, tutorials and giveaways three times a week, I follow many youtubers.  I already see some of my favorites listed here.  I’ve recently started following Yong Chen, after seeing his video in the ‘Beginner’s to Watercolour’ group.  He has some very interesting techniques.

    I follow a wide variety of youtube artists:

    Mind of Watercolor, Angela Fehr, Umberto Rossini, Lazywonderbrush, Maria Raczynska, Rick Surowicz, Yong Chen, Peter Scheeler, Anna Mason, Andrew Geeson, Iulia Carchelan, Sumiyo Toribe, Tim Wilmot, Grant Fuller & Trevor Waugh. Hmmmm, it’s a wonder I have any time left to paint! lol!

    I’ll be checking out Teoh Yi Chie and Eve Bolt Sharon. Thanks!

    Someone helpfully compiled most of his drawing/watercolor/urban sketching videos into a playlist.  I literally spent something like two or three days doing nothing but watching Teoh paint things.

    It was awesome. 😀

    LOL!  The struggle is real.  😀


    Yes, Susan, I follow some of those, too! So much good content available.

    Peter Scheeler and Rick Surowicz are my current favorites.

    A favorite who speaks to beginners, and also has an excellent class called Delicious Paint (beginners but I learned a huge amount!)  Tracey Fletcher King is funny and a GREAT teacher!  Her YouTube site:

    Thanks Kate, I’m going to check out Tracey Fletcher King, cuz, you know, there can’t be too many wonderful artists from which to learn, right?

    from *whom* to learn

    Aaaaand my subscribed list grows by another. (few)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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